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Watching porn videos is usually a one-way street, which is not all that bad if that is all you are after. But wouldn’t it be nice if you get some sort of interaction? Something that goes beyond you getting off as you watch a video run? With Adult FriendFinder, you can engage in online cam sex. With a free membership, you can explore your voyeuristic side by watching other members get off or get it on. However, as a premium member, you get to do so much more than just watch other members’ webcams.

You get to broadcast your own version of exhibitionism, watch a live webcam with sound (most of the time), and then start a conversation with the person you are interested in. So not only do you get access to erotic content, but a possibility of enjoying real live action, depending on what you and another member agree upon.

How to Use Live Member Webcams

Log on to your account; go to Live Action and then click Live Member Webcams. This will take you to what could be a porn addict’s haven. The page gives you a list of members who are broadcasting. You can watch any of them in action without the need to upgrade your subscription, simply click on the play icon on a member’s thumbnail. Still, you get to enjoy lots if you sign up for a paid membership.

Sort live webcams according to Viewers, Distance and Newest. The first option tells you the number of members watching a broadcast. It is likely that the more people who watch a broadcast the more entertaining and exciting the action is. Distance tells you how far a member is from you, which could be a great advantage if you want to turn online cam sex into a real thing. Newest, on the other hand, provides you with a fresh batch of live webcam action to watch. Anyone who just started filming will come up under Newest.

Filter live shows to narrow down your options, according to your preference. Unlike Live Model Chat, filters in Live Member Webcams are fewer. Depending on what you want to watch, you can set the filter based on…


This is where you choose to watch a live broadcast of a man, woman, couple, group, two women, two men, or transsexual (TS)/transvestite (TV)/transgendered (TG).


Rather than choose an age from a list provided, you get to set a range of options, such as between 18 and 30 years old.


What is great about the location filter in the Live Member Webcams’ page is that you get to set a specific area and then a specific distance from you. For example, within Florida you can set the distance from 5 to 10000 kilometers away from you.


Choose someone according to race, such as American, Indian, Asian, Caucasian and other options. Once all the filters are set, click on the Search button at the lower portion of the page.

More Info

When you hover the mouse over a thumbnail, you will get a profile summary, including their type of membership — VIP, Gold or Silver. This will also give you quick access to photos, videos and the details about friends and fans. Even with a free membership, you can watch the video without the sound, giving you a glimpse of what a member is capable or how wild she can go. Most videos are real live sexual encounters, by the way.

Clicking on a video will take you to a member’s video and photo page, complete with comments from other members, which can be quite an eye-opener. Remember to check out the Latest Status at the upper right-hand area, so you can respond appropriately. If a member is nearby, you can be her next hookup.

Profile Summary

The profile summary usually gives you a quick peek to Basic Info, Interested In and Profile. Make sure to read the details, so you do not end up wasting your time, especially if what you are interested in is the exact opposite of the other member’s preference. Then again, if you only want to watch them play around on cam, you can skip with reading the profile.

Play it sexy and nice.

Those with free memberships usually cannot send emails to other members, but you can use the Flirt and Hotlist button to show interest. If a member is showing you a good time by performing well on camera, give them the thumbs up by clicking Flirt or Hotlist, if sending an email is not an option. Whatever you click, this will show on a member’s profile as Flirted with Me or Hotlisted Me. If the member has a premium subscription, they can initiate the email contact.

You can also widen your network, by clicking on the Add Friend button on a member’s thumbnail. If you are already connected, the quicker you can access videos, live webcams, photos and other erotic content.

Start Broadcasting

Don’t they say that you got to give if you want to take? So now it is your turn to give other members a peek of what you can do on camera. This is the perfect time to give into the exhibitionist in you. Click the Start Broadcasting button to activate your webcam and treat everyone to a good show. There are more ways than one to get you on the mood. If you are already engaged in an online cam sex with another member, you can just let everyone in on the action. Role playing, complete with super sexy lingerie are sure to make you a hit with other members in Adult FriendFinder. The quicker you will get laid, right?

There are plenty of things you can do once you join Adult FriendFinder, whether you are on free or paid subscription. You can choose to take a peek at other member’s webcams, engage in online cam sex or broadcast your own live video. The more erotic content you provide, the higher chances of you getting laid.

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