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First off, let’s go over exactly what a perfect photo for adult friend finder looks like. Skip the dick pictures boys, if you are so inclined to have them on your profile at least don’t make them your profile picture, you’ll get passed off a lot less if you show an image of your whole body! As for ladies well, guys really don’t care as much but the cream of the crop does, as great as you may be for the average guy those men and women of the top fans are truly the most desired.

You’ll have to work hard crafting a good profile, message and display picture. Your display picture is the heart of your offer, it’s the first thing anyone looks at! I really mean it when I say that!

How do I get a picture that will make people go crazy for me?

It may sound weird but, get a professional nude photo done. It’s a trick that only some few select members employ and it will really make a difference. The difference between an iPhone and a real camera is vast, and it really will make a difference in your chances. Having a great photo is half the battle though how do you actually get these photos online?

Peer Review – Ask an honest friend or someone online what they think of your selfie and be prepared for an honest response. If they say that it’s awful take it as constructive criticism. Nobody takes the perfect picture of themselves the first time.

The more open you are on AFF the better response you will have – if the only picture on your profile is a murky dick pic whos to know your not some creepy weirdo? You know within yourself that you have so much to offer a women but all they have to go on is your images and text at this point. This is why it’s so crucial to include vibrant colourful happy and sexy images that tell a story about your life and your personality. Take visitors to your profile on a journey of laugher and interest when they flick through your album rather than being left with a feeling of distaste and confusion.

If you look at your AFF album right now and don’t know who you would be talking to… how can you expect women to trust you and respond?

It’s a difficult decision to upload face shots within adultfriendfinder for privacy reasons and you don’t have to! You can still blur your face and upload some interesting shots, just make sure you mention that you can show your hidden album to friends. That way  you attract the right kind of people with an interesting photo album and you keep your identity hidden, exposing it to only those that you trust.

Easy it’s right on the home page!

After logging in right under your profile picture you’ll see a button of a camera, it will allow to add more photos to your page. Just click the button and navigate your computer to the location of your photo, and then just upload it! (Note this also works for videos as well with the button below it)

Boom. That’s it!

But that’s not the best part, as a member of the adult find community sometimes you’re photos aren’t always the best, we’ve got a huge user gallery of pictures and even videos! Exploring other user content is a breeze just as well. So even if you have an unlucky day and can’t get some ass there’s always something quality to “soothe” your pains away. If yak catch my drift ;).

With so much to offer how could you resist?

Adult Friend Finder really is the all-round exclusive deal, there are hundreds of websites out there like us, but that’s just it. They’re like use nowhere near us and there’s no one that can compare. The easy experience we offer our users combined with all of our jam packed membership features, makes AFF the true ultimate adult experience.
The best part of it all? It’s free.

Membership is only optional, you can sign up right now within minutes and talk with all of the horny singles in your local area. It’s really just a click away, over at

But don’t take my word for it, spend the rest of the jerking off into Kleenex’s while you wait for your pizza pops to finish.

I’ll be getting laid, what about you?

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