AdultFriendFinder Testimonials And Success Stories

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It’s true that you will find a lot of bad comments regarding all over the internet. Just Google complaints and you will have enough to read for an hour or two. Online dating is a huge business, and competitors will do anything to eliminate you from the competition. But we are not saying that all this sh!t talk about AFF are coming from business rivals, and they are not purely from real users as well.

It’s just fair that we also listen to the other side of the story coming from real people who found what they have been looking for when they join this AFF.  This post will talk about AdulFreindFinder Testimonials And Success Stories.

Joining does not mean that you will have a love potion. It means that you are joining a community of swingers, horny people looking for fun. AFF provides us the place and the means to connect with local people looking for sex. The point is you still have to do your part. That part is to search and communicate with other members whom you are interested in hooking up with.

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Although there is no fix formula for success here, we still observe some common patterns that successful users had followed. First they have made their profile as honest and interesting as possible. Make it interesting so they got more views or hits among others. Make your profile complete and honest because faking it is a big turn off. Eventually you will be caught and it will not be nice.

Another common element that these AdultFriendFinder Testimonials and Success Stories have is the fact that these users took their time. They did not rush things, they took the time to communicate using the site email and chat feature. This is how you screen your possible hookup. Take time to exchange emails, get to know each other before meeting up or exchanging personal information.

Here is a success story from a couple who met on AFF:

My girlfriend and I met on AFF back in February. We were both looking for “friends with benefits” and would have been happy to find nothing more than that. What we actually found was our ideal partner and best friend.

We can’t get enough of each other, have a great time no matter what we’re doing, enjoy the same things, and our sex life is absolutely phenomenal! We can talk about anything and have explored many fantasies that we never thought we could.

Now we have a profile on here together as a couple, and were looking forward to fulfilling even more of our fantasies, with the help of some new friends. Adult FriendFinder definitely worked for us as singles; but we both agree, it’s way more fun as a couple!!

Thanks, Matt & Renee


Note that the two are looking for the same thing. They are both interested in having a relationship which is based on “friends with benefits”. From this experience we can say that the best thing to do is to take time to read profiles of whoever you are interested with. If you have common interest then chances are you will click. This is also why your profile should clearly state whom you are interested in meeting and what you hope to accomplish.

Here is a popular AdultFriendFinder success story and testimonial:

“All the locals in the Ontario Chat room know OUR story, but many others may not – please let us share…

We met in the Ontario chat room – I avoided him. He sent emails – I deleted them unanswered. We met at an AFF meet & greet – I avoided him; even though I knew we’d be together… We got back online; I still avoided him; still deleted him until he sent his # – then I didn’t reply, I called. We met and had 3 dates. On the 3rd date, I threw him down, ripped his clothes off and quite literally; him. 18 months later we are still together, still very much in love, still happy, still in the same bed, and now living together for 7 months. There is no end planned, ever.

My profile is not the average profile; he is not your average guy. But you provide a service which can only be appreciated if it is used properly & taken advantage of fully; I’m very glad I took the risk and did that. I think he is too.

We keep the separate profiles in homage to your help & so we can let people know & see, 2 singles can & do become 1 couple thanks to your assistance, because we think others should know it does work. So; I’d LOVE to brag for AFF – I think the possibility here is phenomenal, but most of the users completely miss the point; I’d love to help them see what is offered.

And hey, My guy would too! His profile ID is GS007Brit. Talk soon!


There are two things that we can learn three things. First is to use local chat-rooms and groups. You have higher chances of hooking up with locals compared to other people who hundreds of miles away from you. Second is to attend meet and greet parties. AFF would often throw a party on your city or anywhere near you. Get listed and try to mingle with these folks. and third is determination. It’s not because you get ignored and you will just drop it. Be persistent, you have nothing to loose but a lot to gain.

Lets hear this testimonial from a grateful user:

He had emailed me and I was a bit nervous to answer him.So I took the chance and we IM’d for about two weeks before we finally met at a meet & greet in our town. I had gotten cold feet after that for about a week and then started talking to him again.

We started spending more and more time together with his son and my two children. We have been inseparable since then. We moved in together back in October. He proposed on Christmas day. Of course I said ‘yes’!!! We now are getting ready for our new arrival due in June and a wedding shortly to follow after that.

The only way I would have met this man is through this site.Thank you!


In this story we hear a typical member who is hesitant like many of us to get in touch and connect with other people within the site. It’s a risk, but that risk can be controlled and it a risk with a lot of returns.

This post is not in defense or an attack to any party. What we have shared here are facts coming from AFF homepage.

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