Adult Friend Finder Voucher and Membership Specials SAVE $188.89

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If you are about to pay for a service or product online. It’s always best to look for deals and special offers so you don’t have to pay for the whole amount on the price tag, thus making you save some money. The same is true with VIP memberships or subscriptions to adult dating sites. Some of these paying adult dating websites would accept voucher codes to avail a discount. Unfortunately as of the time being, there is no valid Adult Friend Finder voucher codes out there. The reason is simple their system does not accept or allow any. This why the signup or checkout process does not have any option to enter or activate a voucher code.

How to Save w/o Adult Freind Finder Voucher

This is not the end of the story. There are still ways to make some savings on premium membership fees even without any AdultFreindFinder voucher codes in hand. The reason why we pay or upgrade to a VIP membership level is to be able to use some of the sites functions which are only available to paying members. The thing is these membership levels comes in packages or bundles from three different membership levels. The first level is for free or standard members. All members at AFF starts with a standard membership account. The next level is for silver members and the third level is for gold members. The higher you go the higher the payment because the members privileges also increases.

Save by paying more.

Since we can’t use AdultfriendFinder voucher codes we will ultimately pay the full memberships price. The only way to make some savings is by paying more. Don’get me wrong here what I recommend is to pay annually instead of going monthly. Basically your paying for a longer subscription plan where you are able to make some huge savings compared to paying on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will do the math to show you how much you can save on both Gold and Silver membership levels considering their prevailing membership rates.

Comparison of AFF Silver Membership Fee Structure: 

Monthly Membership Fee: $17.99  ($215.88 for 12 months period)

Quarterly Membership Fee: $32.49 ($129.96 for 1 year period)

Annul Membership Fee: $89.99

Depending on any plan here are your savings in 12 moths period:

Monthly Vs. Quarterly: $85.92

Annually Vs. Monthly: $125.89

Quarterly vs. Annually:$39.97

The above chart shows a comparative figures of AFF silver membership fee structure and how much we can save by going with an annual membership plan. Keeping all things constant both monthly and quarterly plans are compared to annual plan. As we can see monthly membership fee in this plan will cost us $17.99. If you continue paying this amount for a year or 12 months you will end up paying $215.88. If you go quarterly which is $32.49 every three months will equal to four payments, which will total to $129.96 after the fourth and final payment for the same year. However, the annual membership plan will only take a one time payment of $89.99 for 12 months plan.

Comparing the three plans with a 12 months constant period we will have the following savings. If you go for a quarterly plan instead of paying monthly you end up saving $85.92 in one year. But if you choose to pay annually compared to a monthly going rate you save a staggering amount of $125.89 by paying by the year. This is the best deal so far and even paying by the quarter is still expensive compared to annual plan. AFF wants to lock us in for a longer time that is why they bring that amount down.

Comparison of AFF Silver Membership Fee Structure: 

Monthly Membership Fee: $26.99  ($323.88 for 12 months period)

Quarterly Membership Fee: $53.99 ($215.96 for 1 year period)

Annul Membership Fee: $134.99 

Depending on any plan here are your savings in 12 moths period:

Monthly Vs. Quarterly: $107.92

Annually Vs. Monthly: $188.89

Quarterly vs. Annually:$80.97

 For those who are considering on availing a gold membership plan, paying by the year will also yield more savings compared to going for monthly or quarterly payments. As you can see you only have to make a one time payment of $134.99 for one year subscription. Monthly subscription for gold membership is at $26.99 per month which is equivalent to $323.88 for  12 months payment. If you go quarterly you can pay $53.99 every three months. In one year you end up paying $215.96.

Computing for your savings you will be able to save $188.89 when you go for annual plan compared to paying monthly. This is the best plan if you consider your savings in a year subscription. If you got quarterly instead of monthly you also end up saving $107.92.

Grab Adult Friend Finder special offers

Adult Friend Finder special offers are often released every now and then. This is our only option to get a premium membership without paying for the full price of it.  It’s a sure way to make some savings even without any AdultFriendFinder voucher athand. Sometimes they offer additional months on every paid subscription. There are also time when they give big discounts on membership fees. One special deal I found was an offer for $4.99  of one month silver membership. Best way to get updated on these AFF specials is to subscribe to our blog to check for latest Adult Friend Finder specials and promo offers.

So far these are the only two alternative ways for us to make some savings on AFF membership fees.You can search online for active Adult Friend Finder voucher but there is a slim chance that you will find one that is working. You may find some pages or websites which offers 1 month free membership. When we try to validate the offer it seems that those offers of Adult Friend Finder special are no longer good.

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