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AdultFriendFinder is the flagship… the mecca of adult dating online. It’s membership is unsurpassed, it’s professionalism and support unmatched and it’s search match and site features and tools worthy of celebration.
But don’t be fooled by the hotties on the front page! This is just a marketing ploy to get you to sign up. I dont think they should do this at all – there are enough attractive women inside to select from to display on the front page.
They dont need to use models and fake users as incentive.
Perhaps they are real – but suggesting they are living three doors down from me is pushing it.
But dont let that stop you or make you think that this site is not the real deal. It’s packed with blog posts forum discussions real user video and web cam footage from over 30 million registered users.


It get’s the job done – and job we are talking about is allowing singles and couples to find others for casual relationships and swinging…
Despite what you may think there are plenty of women to go around IF you have a profile that gets attention. There is more likely to be a distinct lack of desirable men within adultfriendfinder than a lack of women…
If your a guys that’s energetic athletic and well off! then your profile should get slammed by women within days of it going live – this is assuming that you fill out the description an post a few ab shots.
This is because most of the male profiles are sub par to say the least and their profile pictures are usually of their dicks… Women want to see that at some stage but make them dream a little first.
The girls that join are obviously going to be much more adventurous than your average girl. It takes some guts to post your nude photos on the web.
Most of them don’t include a face of course but it’s still your body being put on show.
This means that these women also know what they want and how to get it – you will find that you receive flirts winks and messages fairly regularly from the female members of audlt friend finder.
It’s much more valuable actually receiving messages from women rather than going out and hunting for them. This is all to do with psychology but you are in the drivers seat once you become the profile that get’s emailed.
To increase your chances of getting attention stay online more often – friend finder users want to chat with other an this requires you to be online.
View other profiles: when you view someone friend finder let’s the user know that you did so… It’s a sign of interest – they might well get back to you for the tip off.
Communicate and get to know some users in the community via groups and blogs… the more active you are the more chances you have of being seen by singles passing by.
Adultfriendfinder is not just about finding sex – you can have a good time while your doing it –
allows you to watch the rather large database of user submitted videos – the kicker is that you can watch local videos and get in touch with them afterwards…

  • Chat with local users in the chat section
  • Join local groups or create a group of your own
  • Blog about your fantasies and experiences
  • Click on activities on the main bar and get a running feed of all the updates from your area. have released a new feature that allows users to comment on status updates and new alerts (photos videos and profile changes) PLUS you can also like the updates just like facebook.
So adultfriendfinder has become very much a social network and social platform for the adult world. An amazing playground that you should be checking out even if your not that into casual sex.
Many of the users are pretty new to the game just like you and easily stay anonymous until they feel comfortable opening up to someone.
This is great because it’s not just about the sexually adventurous anymore…
Everybody is welcome inside adultfriendfinder just make sure that you state in your profile that “sexually you want to take things slow”…
Adult Dating Tip: Know your boundaries – if your a women reading this or even an inexperienced guy make sure you set some ground rules…
You might think your emotions are solid but guys will try to push your limits and rush you into something you dont want to do. Remember that you are always in control.
YOU are in control of
uploading images
replying to emails
turning up
If a user is starting to freak you out contact support immediately or block him from view. Adultfriendfinder does not tolerate spam or cyber bullying of any kind however they cannot help you once you leave the site. Make sure that you are safe along each step of the casual dating experience.
You may find that some adultfriendfinder users say some mean things about you or your images. One needs a thick skin when they post images of sexual content online. Make sure that you are emotionally ready for whole experience or at least implement some pre-flight damage control.
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Additional Notes:

pdf on safe sex:
The process of seeking sex partners online and implications for STD/HIV prevention
pdf on social preferences
Social Preferences in Online Industries

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