Should You Have An Affair Using An Online Dating Service?

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There are plenty of online dating sites out there where you can find cheating wives and people looking for affairs. Ashley madison is a popular one along with lonelycheatingwives however the question remains… should you?

Your dick wants too…
the milf chatting to you about how much of an asshole her husband is certainly wants it and is really hot.

You rationalize in your mind that it’s not really your fault – she is the one cheating ,you are just giving this wifey a great night… she should be the one to breakup the marriage and be single right?

There is not to much wrong with fcking someone who is cheating, at the end of the day it’s their decision to break the trust they have with their husband/bf you are not, you are not screwing with the hearts of anyone close to you. I  mean it’s immoral but the blame is almost entirely on the part of the person your fcking.

But the answer to  should you cheat on whoever you are dating/married to?


Grow some balls and leave them before you decide to have sex with someone. You are your word, you decide to fuck around and lie to everyone in your life it’s going to come back and bite you pretty hard. You want the best of both worlds but life doesn’t work like that. You either open the relationship up and swing or decide to be monogamous. Either way you have to let the one you love know your intentions and actions. If you no longer love him/her then leave, pretty simple really.

If you can’t leave because of kids then you have to have open and honest communication about your relationship. Off to relationship classes for the two of you.. or change the dynamic of the relationship by dating other people short term while living with your partner, but thats really not ideal.

Just admit that you fucked up – you had a kid early with a guy that you don’t love, you got caught cheating so now you have to embrace the life of a single mom, good luck finding a single guy who will put up with it.

Affair dating services are actually doing really well which is alarming. It means that girlfirend or wife that you think is “out with her friends” is actually banging her high school crush that she tracked down.

It sucks to hear it but can you really trust her? The answer is not really, you can never really trust someone 100% because its so easy to lie. You just have to pick a good horse and hope she runs well and true for the duration of your marriage. Don’t take it personally if she turns out to be from bad stock. Just pick better next time.

So you have no morals…

So you have decided that you have no morals – you have decided that you cannot control your dick – your cock speaks a language all of it’s own and it’s power over you is complete and all encompassing. You realise that you would fuck any girl that asks you, even if you are living with the love of our life. It’s just something about your ancient lizard brain that does not connect with your rationalizing pre-frontal cortex. You see that ass in a g-string and you just have to be inside it no matter what. You cast away the thoughts of pain that will eventually come crashing down on you once you get caught. The lie you will telling yourself and everyone around you at dinner parties and bbq’s about your happy marriage.

Your dick is god and you are the slave to it’s every desire.

What now? Well now it’s time to be that slave and hurt the one you love of course… But don’t get caught, because your a slimy no moral bastard who thinks that creeping around at night is enough to keep your wife in the dark about what’s going on.

You come home at 4am with a dick smelling like gutter cheese and she is none the wiser right? You got lucky, she is ignorant, she is madly in love with you, she only thinks the best of her loving husband – he would never do anything to hurt me because he loves me.

Sadly thats not the case is it?

The only situation where you look good is if your wife is actually doing the same to you, your marriage has been dead for years and neither of you actually cares much about it anymore. At this point get your thrills while you can at and enjoy that life of sin.

Your too dead inside to care anyway and chances are you surround yourself with people who don’t care much about you either. So drown those sorrows with alcohol cigarettes gambling and anything else with an instant no effort kick. You’re too far gone… just don’t drag down the angels who still think life is worth living and men are worth trusting.

The benefit of using and affair based dating site is that you can search for people way outside of your friends circle. Why would you risk cheating on your wife with her friend? It’s crazy. Find someone outside of your town by using a site that lets you search by zip age martial status etc. You can go and cheat with someone who is already cheating, kill two hearts with one stone

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