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Align Review

Align Review: The Align app matches you based on your astrological compatibility. If you plan your life around what house planets are in, this is the app for you.

Sign Up

You’ll have to login to Align with your Facebook account. Your profile photo is automatically set to your Facebook profile photo. However, you can change it after you are signed up. You can also choose to use a picture of something that represents you or a favorite quote. This is great if you have privacy concerns, or if you prefer for someone to judge you based on your personality, instead of your looks.

You’ll need to answer the basic questions, including your birthdate, location, and sexual orientation. You can also select an age range for your matches.

Next, you’ll describe yourself with six words and/or emojis. There are a wide range of words you can choose from. Some of the emojis have an obvious meaning, while others are more obscure. This gives you room to describe yourself in a new way.

How it Works

You’ll get five matches each day at Midnight. They will appear in a circle around your picture. The larger the circle around your match, the better your astrological compatibility.

You’ll be able to view their sign, photo, and the six traits they selected. If you both like each other, then you align. You can then begin chatting. If you don’t match within the 24 hour period, they disappear when you get new matches.

Does Astrological Compatibility Matter?

According to a study of ten million marriages, astrological compatibility has no impact on getting married or staying married. However, someone’s astrological sign can give you insight into personality traits that they are likely to have. If you want someone who is a planner and highly organized, for example, you would do well to look for a Virgo.

Of course, not everyone embodies the sterotypical traits of their sign, but it can help narrow down the field. The other positive thing about the app is that it draws people who are interested in astrology.

This gives you at least one common interest with someone you meet on the app. Those interested in astrology are often interested in spirituality or new age concepts as well. Having these things in common makes it easier to make a connection.

Align Review: Bottom Line

If you enjoy astrology, then you should give Align a chance. If you aren’t, you shouldn’t feel like you are missing anything by not matching based on astrological compatibility. The app is currently only available for Apple devices. However, Aligned Signs is a similar app available on Android devices.

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