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In 2017 people are addicted to instant gratification. If we want to learn something new or find information on anything, all we have to do is type it into Google.  The information is delivered to us instantly.

If we want to lose weight, there is also a quick solution. Just turn on Ab Master 9000 and in just 5 minutes a day you will have a six pack, without even breaking a sweat. You don’t even have to get out of your bed. You can do it in your living room while watching your favorite TV show. Easy isn’t it?

We have the same expectations for our sex lives. With dating sites and dating apps like Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Badoo, sex is just a few clicks away. All you have to do is choose a dating site, make a free profile and appear somewhat interesting. Forget about going out to clubs and bars and actually meeting people in person. That process is too slow.

And while all of that has its benefits, the same expectations and attitudes have spilled into our sex lives. Sex was once considered as something sacred and special, something you experienced with someone you had feelings for. Today we take sex for granted and treat it as a sport, void of any emotions or feelings of intimacy.

One night stands are considered normal occurrence and friends with benefits relationships are our bread and butter.

If you look at it more closely, men and women are seeing each other as sexual objects. Good for a night of fun, but if you want to experience something deeper and more intimate, forget it. There are simply too many options to choose from. How can you limit yourselves to only one person?

But there are people who view sex as something more special. Something more than just a means to blow off their pent-up sexual energy. They practice karezza sex method and they use sex as a tool to increase the quality of their life and relationships.

If you don’t know what karezza sex method is, this article is for you. You will learn what is karezza sex and how you can use the techniques to change your sex life completely. Also, if you are not in a relationship currently, you will learn where to find that special someone to try the techniques with.

Sex doesn’t have to be something destructive and shallow anymore. Instead of abusing it and treating it as work,  you can use sex to increase intimacy with your partner and improve your overall quality of life.

What is Karezza Sex Method

karezza sex method

Karezza is a sexual practice also called “the art of the gentle sexual intercourse”. Where in the regular sex the objective is to enjoy, experience pleasure, and ultimately reach orgasm, in karezza sex method orgasm is not the goal. The goal is to avoid orgasm altogether.

Karezza sex method involves a lot of kissing, touching and cuddling, but that’s not the whole story. It is a legitimate sex technique known since ancient times. The roots of Karezza sex method are from the Taoist and Tantric sexual practices. But there are some differences which we will discuss later…

The Development of the Karezza Sex Method

The word Karezza comes from the  Italian word “carezza” which means – “‘ to caress”.  The term was coined by Alice Bunker Stockham in the 19th century. She wrote a book “Ethics of marriage”, in which she discussed the ways in which married couples can deepen their intimate bonds and avoid reckless procreation.

In the beginning, karezza was practiced only by males as a means to avoid ejaculation when the goal was not making children.

Today Karezza is a gentle way of making love where orgasm is not a priority. It is totally opposite of modern views on sex, where reaching an orgasm is a goal we need to cross off from the list. It’s like we are tempted to perform during sex today. Karezza method is the exact opposite, where we resist the temptation to perform to reach the climax.

Today instead, the goal of karezza sex method is to become one with our partner and to heal each other mutually with our sexual energies.

Who can Enjoy Karezza Sex Practice?

Simply put, karezza method is for everyone. It is for people in long-term relationships and people in marriages who want to try something new.

It is a great way to conquer inevitable sexual boredom of monogamy and to return the passion that was maybe lost somewhere along the way after years of being together.

Also, Karezza is for single people who are tired of mechanical and empty casual sex that satisfies only our physical bodies but lacks any emotional depth.

The problem for single people could be to find a partner that is willing to try something unconventional and totally opposite to everything we know about sex.

But with so many options in terms of dating sites today, finding someone interested in alternative sex lifestyle is not an unsolvable problem.

Why do People Decide to Practice Karezza Sex Method

There is a lot of reasons why someone would want to try karezza sex method.  The list of benefits is long…

  • Karezza sex increases energy

Humans have only a finite levels of energy to use every day. Sometimes our jobs, tasks we need to accomplish and stress empty out our energy levels and we simply don’t have enough ” fuel” to enjoy the sex.

Also, it is a scientific fact that orgasms deplete us of energy.  If we have sex too often we won’t have enough energy to be productive in other, more important areas of our life.

Even Napoleon Hill- the famous self-help author talked about sexual transmutation. He described it as a way of saving ones sexual energy by abstaining from sex and then using that accumulated energy to be productive and accomplish life goals.

  • Stronger and more intimate relationship bonds

A lot of times we are too tired or too stressed by everyday life that we simply forget to pay attention to our partner. Sometimes even if we find the time for sex it is in a hurry and all we can think about is how we can an reach orgasm and get it over with.

Karezza sex method is a perfect opportunity for couples to take some time only for themselves. It will change their whole outlook on sex – from something physical to something more intimate and deeper.

Sex is the glue that holds relationships together. But everyone who experienced long-term relationships or marriage knows that sex can sometimes become boring and monotonous.

By trying something new couples can remove the boredom from their bedrooms. They can use karezza to take their sex experience to the next level and in the process make the passion blossom, like in the beginning of the relationship or marriage.

  • Good for people planning parenthood

The goal of karezza is to enjoy the sex act without reaching an orgasm, That goes for both sides. That also means no ejaculation and no worries of unwanted pregnancies.

Of course, there is a belief that pre-cum also contains sperm and can cause pregnancy. The chance of that happening is rather small, but it is always advisable to use protection if you want to avoid making babies in the process.

When having sex using karezza method the goal is to enjoy and recharge each other with the sex energy exchanged between the partners. A lot of the times that will mean just laying still and breathing deeply. When we reach the point in which passion becomes too strong and we can feel the orgasm is near, the instructions are to stop completely.

  • Better control over our sexual urges

We use sex as a tool to relieve sexual pressure and stress. Karezza sex method goes contrary to that belief and the goal is to abstain from orgasm as a form of release of sexual tension.

When we have too much sexual tension pent up, we naturally search for the way to release it. Wheather that be through sex, masturbation or watching porn it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we release the energy.

The problems in relationships arise when one partner is not in the mood to have sex. Then it is not uncommon for an unsatisfied partner to search for another form of sexual release, whether that be through masturbation, porn watching, or in the ugliest scenario possible, cheating.

But as much as counterproductive as that sounds, Karezza sex practice actually helps us to better control and direct our sexual desires. The more we practice karezza the better we learn how to control our yearning for an orgasm. With enough practice, our need for orgasm will be weaker and weaker. We will learn to control it and direct it where it’s necessary.

  • We minimize the Coolidge effect

The Coolidge effect is a phenomenon scientist spotted among lab rats. It says that in the beginning, the male and female rat will have sex nonstop. As the time passes and the male rat spends all his energy on orgasms, the need for sex with the same female rat will progressively go down. When scientists introduced new female rat, male rat immediately felt new vigor and sexual desire.

The same principle can be seen in almost all mammals. Also, the same applies to humans and it is a result of the so-called post passion-hangover.  When the male has too many orgasms with the same female, after a while he becomes sexually bored. Or maybe too many orgasms causes sexual exhaustion.

We could say then that karezza could serve as a tool to keep both partners desire for each other always on a high level. After all, in karezza sex method reaching an orgasm is not a goal.

  • Karezza sex method helps beat sexual addictions

There is a whole movement called NoFap on the internet these days. Their goal is to beat the addiction to masturbation and internet porn.

They have concluded that the people who watch porn often become addicted very fast. The reason is that when we watch pornography, we become very aroused and then we masturbate to release the pressure.

The brain then releases hormone dopamine as a reward and we become addicted to dopamine. There is evidence that abstaining from porn and masturbation altogether produce great benefits.

The same applies when you practice karezza sex method. After a few weeks of practice and adjusting, you learn how to control your urges to orgasm and you start to feel the benefits of the method.

After benefits become evident in your sex life, you will feel little or no reward from watching porn and masturbation. Also, your self-control will become stronger, and your energy levels will go through the roof.

  • Better Erections

Men who practice karezza sex method report better orgasm control and stronger erections. After you practice with your partner a while, you will learn how to read your own body better. You will learn how to relax more and how to control your body responses with your breathing. All that helps to achieve harder and stronger erections.

The Differences between Karezza Sex Method and Regular Sex

Normal sexual intercourse is very primal in its nature. The goal is simple – to perform and to accomplish the mission of impregnating the female and produce the offspring.

Normal sex is also very performance based. Men are always trying to perform better in bed to impress the females. We want to find the best techniques to perform better. We want to find the best sexual positions to make sex even better and more pleasurable.

Karezza sex method is the exact opposite of that. There isn’t any special technique in karezza sex method. It is like we are reversing our primal desires and the goal is to be still and just enjoy the feeling with minimal movement.

Normal sexual intercourse demands better athletic capabilities from our bodies, more stamina, more endurance and better overall physical condition.

On the other hand, our body recognizes karezza sex as something safe and secure. Pure enjoyment and bliss.

During a lengthy period of perfect control, the whole being of each is merged into the other, and an exquisite exaltation experienced. This may be accompanied by a quiet motion, entirely under subordination of the will, so that the thrill of passion for either may not go beyond a pleasurable exchange.

Karezza sex practice rejuvenates the body, the mind, and the spirit

Regular sex requires that we spend more energy. It requires more movement and in the moments just before the orgasm, the whole body becomes tense.

After we reach an orgasm we feel bliss for a short period of time. After that, we can feel the negative side effects like feeling sleepy and drained. All in all, we can feel that we lost a huge amount of energy.

Karezza sex method, on the other hand, has completely opposite side effects. The goal is not to reach an orgasm but to abstain from one. So naturally, karezza sex session can last for hours without us spending a lot of energy. On the contrary, we feel energized and rejuvenated by practicing karezza. The overall feeling is full body relaxation and bliss state.

How Does Karezza Sex Method Look like in Practice

We can divide the whole karezza method into three parts. Before sex, during sex, and after sex.

Before Sex

karezza sex method

When we have regular sex, the goal of the foreplay is to arouse our partner and ourselves and prepare for sex. Karezza sex method is similar but with the different intent behind our actions.

The goal is not to prepare for sex, but to increase the intimacy with a lot of affection and bonding behaviors.

That means a lot of touching, kissing, caressing, and adoration. We simply give our partner our full love without expecting anything in return.

It will feel like we are in this giant ball of affection and love with our partner.

To further increase the intimacy and connection with our partner, it is desirable to practice these bonding behaviors all throughout the week. That could mean reserving some time just for cuddling, touching and talking. An excellent way to practice for a real karezza sex session.

During sex

Karezza sex method could easily be described as a lazy sex method. The best positions to use are the ones where the least amount of movement and energy are needed.

If you are not really imaginative you can look into Tantric sex positions and choose the ones that suit you the best. The most often used positions are the ones where both partners are lying on their sides or the ones where the woman is on top lying completely pressed on the man. Another interesting position is the woman on her back while the man is on his side- the so-called scissors position.

During karezza session, all movements should be slow and relaxed. Even better if there is no movement at all. Man can have an erection during the whole intercourse, but sometimes it will go away. Later erection could return again on its own. There really are no hard rules. The only rule is to enjoy the deep and blissful relaxation and exchange of energy.

In the beginning, you will often have a feeling that the orgasm is not avoidable. Your breathing will become faster and you will feel the tension in your body as the orgasm approaches. To resist the orgasm, the practice is to relax your whole body and breathe deep into your belly.

With practice, you will learn to recognize when you are near the orgasm and how to move the pent-up energy from your pelvic area upward into your body. The best way to do it is to contract the pelvic muscles and breathe deep. The energy will then move naturally to your hearth area. When you feel the warmth and joy you will know that you got it right.

After Sex

Sometimes people fall asleep during the karezza session. But that’s ok. You can then finish the session or just continue.

After sex, you can stay in bed together and talk, massage each other, or continue to bond as you like.

Gentle and relaxing massages are another great way to finish the session. Also, a great idea you can do is take 10 minutes during the day and massage your partner. It will keep the fire alive until your next session.

Differences Between Karezza Sex Method and Tantric Sex

karezza sex method

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Tantric sex.  Some people think that Tantric sex and Karezza are the same things. While there are some similarities there are also big differences.

People falsely believe that tantra is all about sexual practice. But when you research a bit deeper you will find out that tantra is a belief system ingrained in Hindu religion.

The goal of tantric sex is to cultivate sexual energy to reach spiritual highs and enlightenment. In tantra, the emphasis is on the spiritual and not the physical aspects of sex. The ultimate goal of tantra is to reach enlightenment and ecstasy.  You can learn more about tantra here. -

Another difference is that in order to practice Tantra effectively, you will need to learn different techniques like – belly breathing and mindfulness meditation. You can start practicing Karezza sex method right now, without learning any of that.

Also, the goals of Tantra and Karezza sex practices are completely different. The goals of Tantric sex for some are full body orgasms and non-ejaculatory orgasms also called the dry orgasms. The goals of Karezza sex method is to completely avoid reaching orgasms and preserve all that sexual energy.

So you can see that there are some similarities but ultimately the goal is different. If you want to feel more energy and deeper intimacy with your partner, Karezza sex method is clearly an easier method to learn and apply.

Where to find Karezza Sex Partners

If you are already in a relationship or marriage, good for you.  You already have a partner. All you have to do is talk to them and try to persuade them to try something new and exciting.

If you are single on the other hand,  you also have options, so don’t worry. With thousands of dating sites and apps to choose from you cant say that you don’t have enough options.

Here is the list of dating sites, which are in our opinion the best choice if your goal is to find a partner with the similar interest in karezza sex method.

  • New Age Connections– As the name suggests New age connection is a dating site for people interested in the New Age Movement.

The New Age is a very wide topic but it includes topics like divine energy, yoga practices, tantra, crystals, auras, etc.


So it is a perfect dating site to find people interested in karezza sex method also.

Read the full review here.

  • Meet me Meet me is a social site where you can find your next date or even new friends. It is completely free.

It looks like a good place to meet someone likeminded because it gives you the option to participate in the discussions.  The goal is to set up your profile so that gives the right information to the people who see it.

It should be clear from your profile that you are interested in Karezza and similar alternative sexual practices. That way you will avoid wasting your time on the wrong kind of people.

Read the full review of Meet Me here.

  • Alt is a very interesting dating site. It is for people who are into BDSM and all kinds of alternative sexual lifestyles.  It is definitely worth to check it out.

You have the option to make a free profile but if you want to be able to experience the full site, premium membership is a much better option.  

Read the full review of Alt here.

Other good options to consider

Although not the dating sites for alternative sex practices like Karezza sex method and alike, definitely dating sites with the largest user bases. Also some of the most popular dating sites on the planet. Numbers game for the win.

  1. Plenty of Fish
  2. Ok Cupid

Other good options are to try could be:

  1. Craigslist personals, and
  2. Reddit’s subreddits like Tantric sex and alternative sex


As we can see we are taught to view sex as a means to release sexual tension and enjoy the orgasm as the reward.

But if take some time to learn more about the effects of sex and orgasms on our body, we could see that sex and orgasms bring very little reward.

All that sexual energy could be channeled and used for more productive purposes.  But that will take some time to learn and get accustomed to. In the end, it will be worth it.

What are your experiences with the Karezza sex method? comment and share bellow.

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