Allowing Dating To Flow Naturally


Many guys seem to get hung up on the idea of sex and place a strange sense of importance on it.
They make it the target and end goal rather than an enjoyable, inevitable experience.
The reality is that if your on a date with a women that you are really connecting with it’s most likely going to end in intimacy. It may happen on the first, second or tenth date but it will happen. She wants it and you want it so it’s just a matter of focusing on feeling comfortable with each other.
Those of you that make sex the target end up placing to much importance on it which dilutes other areas of your life. While your on the date, all that really matters is how you get on with the women.
This is closely associated with allowing your dating life to flow naturally. The natural thing to do would be to join clubs and groups that are in alignment with your hobbies and interests.
The natural thing to do would be to get on and enjoy the time spent with these people. In time you will strike up a great relationship with many of the women from theses events and hobbies.
Allowing the laws of nature and chemistry to take place while also allowing your natural masculine sexual motivation to guide you… you find yourself in bed with the perfect women. One that you are not only friends with and share similar values with but have gotten to know naturally.
This unforced slightly passive approach to dating is UNLIKE 99% of the popular dating advice out their.
It suggests that you should be doing everything in your power to force certain experiences to happen.
I am suggesting that you should not need to force anything – if you really do love indoor netball or dance that much you should be apart of a larger community. It’s inevitable that you are going to meet like minded women while you go about your daily life and enjoy the hobbies that bring you to life.
Let’s talk about that – it’s yet another argument for letting your dating life just happen. Your hobbies and motivations are what really bring your to life – it’s what your passionate about and what you are good at.
If you can’t stand letting fate take it’s course but like the idea of natural dating then be proactive about enjoying life. Meaning JOIN more clubs get new hobbies and meet new people simply because you want to.
Make a HABIT out of meeting new people everyday just because you like their company. When you notice a sexual urge towards any one women then it’s your body letting you know you should pursue it further.
This is the natural process of dating – it’s unlike many other forms of “sniper dating” which suggest very specific one on one dates with people you have little in common with. Natural dating is just  natural socializing and it will allow you to use your sexual motivation to form hundreds of NEW social connection.
You will come out of the process with an amazing bf/gf hundreds of new friends, many new hobbies and experiences of a lifetime.
Letting your SEXUAL MOTIVATION lead you is a recipe for disaster because your dick does not care for compatibility.

Most guys would hook up with pretty much any healthy women their own age if they could do it with no consequence…

A good description for the  male sexual drive is INSANITY…
If you really just want free casual sex then their are plenty of sites like xxxblackbook that cater to that motivation. But if you are looking for a women that you can truly spiritually connect with try passive dating.
Many of you will be actively on the lookout for a long term partner but I believe that you are going about it the wrong way!
If your effort to find a girlfriend involves replying to a few pof messages or heading out drunk to the local bar then it’s going to end in tears.
You might get a couple one night stands out of the experience but it’s unlikely you will find someone truly compatible… that takes more effort.
I call this passive dating but it does not mean that you have to passive about meeting women – I would suggest channeling your sexual energy in the creation of hobbies and social events.
If your in need of a fresh perspective – get out of your comfort zone and join groups that you would not normally join. Grace yourself with an open mind about the people that you meet in these new social situations.

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