Alpha Male System


John Alexander was a 22 year old virgin…
Despite being present at many college parties and trying his luck in bars he couldn’t make it happen…
He was broke and unattractive… even worse he didn’t have the personality or confidence to seduce the kinds of women he was attracted to. The end result was that he had to settle for other guys throwaways. If your not the alpha male or at least in the upper quartile you have to take what you can get.
Do you still follow women around like a dog on a leach?
Are you their emotional tampon?
Despite John being broke and fat he was able to turn it all around and become the alpha male that women want.
He went from timid nobody to dominant leader within a 4 year transformational process.
The alpha male transformation involves tapping into psychological principles that are available to all of us.
If your looking for the lazy man’s way to easy sexual romance with women this could be for you. It’s no secret that alpha males get all the attention and all the sex. Women are magenetically attracted to these guys because of the way they act. The problem is that becoming and alpha male can be tough if you dont know how.
For John it took 4 years of blood sweat and tears which is why most guys never reach this zenith.
They never get to experience the absolute power that comes with alpha male dominance. When you discover how to be the alpha male, amazing sexual opportunities seem to arise every day seemily out of knowhere. Rather than chasing women like a little bitch you attract women effortlessly.

  • It’s much more than a mind-frame switch
  • It’s much more than simply having confidence with women
  • It’s a complete transformation process.

If your apperance is holding you back there is a complete chapter on how any guy can pass the female appearance filter.
If sexual seduction has always been your sticking point John explains just how he uses a psychological technique proven by science to turn women on.
Witin the alpha male system:
Behaviours to avoid at all costs (your doing them now)
If you want to set up one night stands there are specific conversation topics that will increase your chances.
3 under the radar questions to ask a women to find out if she is sexually interested in you…! This is very helpful, it allows you to find out if she is keen so that you can confidently sexually escalate despite her playfully pushing you away. It also allows you to cull the women that are not interested so you dont waste a night on a cold lead.
John reveals 24 non verbal clues that repel women! (make sure your NOT displaying these)
Quick same night body language fix’s for immediate attraction results
A word for word transcript on page 124! Have you got her number but dont know what to say? John has the words written down for you!
How to remove the anxiety that all women posses with regards to sex so that you can easily transition to sexual seduction.
How alpha males compliment women! Most alpha males will never actually compliment women but rather do so indirectly… Learn this and stop kissing her ass in an attempt to get her to like you.
You see – when your an alpha male you can walk into a bar with mates – drink beer and totally ignore the women trying to get your attention… and then take your pick when your ready. You get laid every time without trying. It really is harder to be the beta male than the alpha. The alpha has more responsibility but with that comes power and the ability to choose.
Removing The Anxiety Of Talking To Women
Alpha males dont get nervous or anxious when they are talking to attractive women.
They have no “shyness” they care not whether a women thinks they are unattractive or boring.
It’s a complelty different mindset you must transition to.
When you order the alpha male system today you also get:

  1. Creating Attraction Through Body Language
  2. What If She Has a Boyfriend?
  3. Getting Over Your Social Anxiety
  4. Workplace Romances
I have created a sneak preview of the course for you to download.
–> Download the alpha male preview pdf here –<

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