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A Journey into the World of Online Cam Chat

Let’s face it: going out on the town and busting your butt in getting a girl’s phone number isn’t something that many men want to deal with, at least not every night. When they make their way through heavy crowds and deal with the hassle that comes with being in a public space, they’re not even guaranteed of meeting a beautiful woman. It’s not surprising, then, that a large percentage of the population has turned to the digital route to make up for the slack, specifically the world of online cam chatting.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a webcam, but nobody likes to take advantage of this device in order to meet beautiful women. The good news is that live chat is a medium that is alive and well, and not only is it attracting many people from around the globe, but the vast majority of its services are also free. Even though you probably will not be utilizing the webcam for all of your dating needs, it’s still a wonderful instrument to add to your toolbox.

Here are some common questions that first-timers often ask when it comes to webcam dating.

What is a webcam?

A webcam is a camera-recorder that you can plug into your computer. It records your image and (in some cases) your voice, then transmits the information across the internet, allowing the person on the other end to see and hear you live. If both of you have webcams, then you can communicate with each other on the screen despite being miles apart. Webcams are essential devices for video conferencing.

Almost every laptop on the market today has a built-in webcam attached to it. It’s usually found on the topmost frame in many portable computers. However, just in case your computer does not have a webcam, you can easily purchase one in any digital store. Most webcams come cheap at around 30 to 60 dollars.

What is a cam chat?

A cam chat involves viewing and hearing another person online (in this case, a beautiful woman) live. This is not a prerecorded session, but rather you will be interacting with a woman in real time. The “chat” part refers to the messaging system used; rather than talking, you will usually be typing your responses to her on the keyboard.

Do I also need a webcam with microphone to participate?

No, not unless you also want the cam girl on the other end to see your face and hear your voice, something that is very uncommon. It is usually a one-sided method of communication: you can see and hear her live, but she can’t see or hear you. The only way she knows you are there is through your messages sent via the chat system.

You do need speakers, however, if you want to hear her talk. Since most computers already have them built-in, this is usually not a problem.

What can I expect from a cam chat?

When you engage in a cam chat, you can mostly expect the following:

  1. Conversations via messaging – cam shows allow you to communicate with the girl on the other side of the screen using text messaging via keyboard. Since she is wired for audio and video, the woman will either reply through typing or, as more often the case, say the answer aloud. This is half the fun of live camming; just being able to converse with a woman without the hassle of going out is well worth the experience. This goes double if you’re a shy guy who hasn’t been around the block lately.
  2. A live audio and video stream of the woman – this is what makes cam chatting attractive to many people, especially guys who are hesitant in meeting women outdoors. Having a beautiful girl speak with you, anywhere, anytime, can help you get over your fear of approach. The live nature of the event also feels more intimate, mimicking the actual situation that you may encounter once you finally decide to meet women in real life. Even if you have no intention of going out, this is the best alternative that you can get to develop your social skills.
  3. Non-sexual content – although cam chatting has a sleazy reputation for being a virtual strip club, the truth is that there are a lot of girls online who have no intention of taking off their clothes or masturbating for the world to see. Many cam girls are there for various reasons and cater to diverse groups such as television or comic book fan clubs, fantasy roleplaying enthusiasts, sports fanatics, foreign language learners, etc. In fact, a few are even there just for regular conversation purposes. You do not need to dive into pornographic content if you do not want to; there’s a dedicated online cam session for almost everything under the sun.
  4. Sexual content – with that said, however, the vast majority of women online are there for sex shows. Cam girls will often strip on camera and play with themselves or with various toys. It is common to find lesbian partners or heterosexual couples engaging in intercourse right in front of the webcam. In this case, the functions and services of cam chatting even exceed that of strip clubs as they display live sex shows without any legal or political consequences.

Are there any risks involved during cam shows?

Unless you visit a questionable website that uploads a virus to your computer or steals your credit card information, then the answer is “no”. Of course, if you’re planning on watching pornographic cam shows, then you should consider the regular risks associated with viewing adult entertainment such as potential embarrassment at being found out or susceptibility to addiction.

Other than that, cam shows are considered safe because only the cam girl is seen and heard during the entire process. You are not being recorded; hence, you can rest assured that your privacy is secure. As far as chatting is concerned, most cam users use an alias rather than their regular names, so identity recognition or theft is not a problem.

How much do cam shows cost?

Of course, if you already have someone in mind, then you can simply contact that person and have a date online. However, most men will be using the webcam to meet strangers. If that is the case, then this kind of webcam dating is generally divided into three categories:

  • Free – free online cam chat is just the way it sounds. It costs nothing. You can message girls and see them live with no expenses on your part whatsoever. However, many of these sites are limited. You will often be part of a group chat, which means that the women you’ll be conversing with are also conversing with many other men at the same time. If you want a more intimate and private encounter, then free online cam is not the best option. Also, the majority of the women in free cam sites will only get naked if one of their viewers pays them, which means that you will have to wait until someone gets generous. This usually doesn’t take too long, but it is still completely out of your control unless you want to fork over some cash to speed up the process. One good reason why you might want to join a free webcam chat is just to practice messaging the girls and see how they respond. This is especially useful if you’re someone who hasn’t dated in a long time and want to polish your skills before you go out.
  • Paid – if you want to take full advantage of the experience, paid online cam chat contains the complete package. You can have a private encounter with a woman with no other people in the chatroom. Obviously, many of these girls are also willing to get sexual on camera, depending on what type of agreement you had beforehand. Many websites have competitive rates, and you can get the most out of your money if you choose a legitimate, time-tested company that will protect both your identity and your credit card number. Given enough time, you could even develop an online relationship with a particular cam girl (although asking her out is another matter entirely).
  • Semi-paid – This combines both types of categories. Semi-paid is free in the sense that you can chat with and watch girls live with no charge, but if you want them to respond or engage with you on a more intimate or sexual level, then you need to fork up the dough. Many of these come in the form of “tickets” that you can purchase to watch the girls perform. Before the show, anyone can come into the channel, but once the show begins, only those who bought tickets are allowed to spectate, and the rest are booted out. Some also use a token system in which you can ask the girl to do something in exchange for a set number of tokens. This might be a better option for men who have a strict budget. The free pre-show admittance also allows you to have a brief glimpse of the girl’s looks and personality before you commit to a deal.

How do I pay for it?

The most common payment method for cam sites is through credit or debit card, although digital money couriers like PayPal are also accepted. Please use common sense: do not fall prey to fake phishing scams that steal your bank information. Try to avoid websites that do not have the “green lock” icon next to their URL (this indicates that the website is encrypted and secure).

What should I do when chatting with cam girls?

Often neglected in many cam shows is the “chatting” part. Chatting with cam girls is a different experience because you can see and hear them, but they cannot see and hear you (unless it’s a dual, private session). Because of this setup, the only way you can seduce/make the girls laugh is through text messages. This is an excellent way to practice your humor. Of course, since you will be in the same virtual room with a bunch of other guys, it’s always difficult to get a word in, especially in free cam sites. In addition, paid cam sites are usually biased in your favor because the girls will always respond positively to your comments as a customer.

Despite these setbacks, you should still give chatting a try. A fake laugh is easy to distinguish from a genuine laugh. If you’re a particularly shy person, this is the best way to interact with a woman with very little risk of being called out or embarrassed.

These are the dos and don’ts if you want to maximize your chatting experience.

  1. Do not spam. This means no sending the same message twice. The cam girl is closely watching the chat box and is unlikely to miss a post. If she chooses not to reply to you, it’s not because she hasn’t read what you have to say. Rather, she is ignoring it. If you keep sending the same message in an attempt to get her to respond, you will likely irritate her and get kicked out. To prevent this, do not get so attached to your posts. Simply come up with another zinger and move on.
  2. Do not force the cam girls to do your bidding. In free websites, you are not even paying anything, hence you have no power to make them talk to you or strip naked. Even in the case of a private chat wherein you paid good money for sexual favors, the person at the other end still has her will intact and is not a digital slave. Hence, she can always refuse your requests, especially if they border too much on the obscene. This is why it’s always a good idea to ask politely rather than give deliberate orders. Chances are, she’s willing to do what you want, but rudeness will always spark resistance.
  3. Do not compare her to other cam girls. Just like in face-to-face encounters, comparing a woman to another woman is a disaster waiting to happen. If you say something along the line of “You’re not like huggybear26, at least she takes her top off when I ask her to,” even in jest, then you can forget about getting a refund. Cam girls know that they are competing against each other. This is a cutthroat business, so if you somehow imply that she is inferior compared to another player, then she’s bound to get mad. Treat every cam girl as an individual without mentioning the others and you should be safe.
  4. Do not post rude comments or argue with the host. Sometimes, arguments can break out, especially if you are impatient. Cam girls often want to prolong the chatting, trying to get comfortable for the session and taking their sweet time. This is not an attempt to bilk more money out of the customer. Rather, it’s just the way girls are wired; there is a high premium placed in foreplay, even if it’s in the digital world. Therefore, do not try to speed things up. Enjoy the experience.
  5. Do not record the experience and post it in public. Because this is often a one-way system wherein the cam girl cannot see you but you can see her, they are often nervous about the people on the other end. This is the reason why many cam girls block access to their shows in their local region so that anyone they know – family and friends – do not accidentally or intentionally see them perform. Even if you end up recording the show, make sure you do not post it on a public video sharing site to save them the potential humiliation.
  6. Do tip generously – some of the cam girls might be in this business as a hobby, but many are using it as their main source of income. Despite the seeming lack of effort required in posing in front of the computer and typing away at the keyboard, a lot of these women clock in a large number of hours, almost the equivalent of a typical eight-hour work period. So, if you want to make life easier for the cam girl on the other end, tip some spare cash.
  7. Do have high bandwidth and excellent equipment – this is especially true when it comes to private chats. You need to have a high-speed internet connection so that video and audio buffering happen instantaneously with no lag every few seconds. If you neglect this important aspect of live cams, then the experience will certainly be ruined. Not only that, the woman on the other side might end up getting annoyed and think you’ve logged out. Spend your money on decent equipment first before taking on cam shows.
  8. Do establish your goals – there are as many cam girls as there are specific goals that you may have. Before you enter into any live chat, first answer the question, “What do I want?” If you just want someone to talk to, there are many non-pornographic cam girls on the Internet. If you want a specific type of sexual encounter, there are plenty of those too. Usually, each cam girl has a brief description on her profile about the things that you can expect her to do, so make sure that you find the right one before diving in.
  9. Do lighten the situation – at the end of the day, this is not something you should take too seriously. Many of the cam girls are doing their job simply for money, and the vast majority of men watching them are doing it simply for digital sex. In this way, the whole process can seem like a lifeless business transaction. This is why it is important to inject a lot of humor. If you manage to lighten the situation, the cam girls will become more comfortable, and if they become more comfortable, the experience is taken to a more meaningful level.
  10. Do try to develop a relationship – Now, it may seem odd that you can develop a relationship with someone who doesn’t even see your face, but it is possible to cultivate certain feelings for a particular cam girl. It’s not unusual to find women who already have a massive online cult following. Just be careful to see this for what it really is; a digital relationship can be fun, but it’s not meant to be a lifetime commitment.

Where can I find the best cam sites?

This is a mixture of both free and paid cam sites. Actually, all of these websites have a free package available, and all of them have a paid one as well, so it makes sense to lump them together. In no particular order, these are usually the top ranking cam sites:

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