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Basically belongs to “mail to order bride” category rather than an online dating site. But of course lots of men here would not say NO to an opportunity to play around and enjoy a date or two before settling down.

The site or the system is pretty easy to use. An american guy looking for serious relationship or dates can signup and start browsing thousands of women profiles from Ukraine, Russia and other neighbouring countries.

People from AnastasiaDate are the ones responsible in adding and verifying women listed on their website. They are the ones who do the background checks and screen the women members looking for American men. They also help facilitate date correspondence and meet ups. After online interaction, a member may want to visit Europe to meet the girl he likes from the website. The website will accommodate the whole trip which includes hotel room accommodation, an interpreter if needed, and other special needs. If visiting for a multiple date they offer a service called romance tours which is an arrangement wherein you will be able to meet and date several women during the trip duration.

AnastasiaDate Prices does not charge any membership fee. Anyone can sign up and create an account without the need of credit card information. Although their standard registration process includes a payment information form as the final step, this can be disregarded and still you have your standard account created. The catch is this,  to read and send emails, chat, and interact with the ladies you will need to buy credits. As expected credits can be bought by bundles or blocks. The smallest number you can buy is for 20 credits which will cost $16. You can also save money by buying larger blocks, with 1000 credits you only pay $399 which is at 50% savings discount. Below is the price breakdown of AnastasiaDate credits.

Pricing of AnastaciaDate Credits 

  • $16 = 20 credits  (80¢/credit)
  • $30 = 40 credits  (75¢/credit)
  • $56 = 80 credits  (70¢/credit)
  • $96 = 160 credits  (60¢/credit)
  • $189 = 320 credits  (58¢/credit)
  • $249 = 500 credits  (50¢/credit)
  • $399 = 1000 credits  (40¢/credit)
Unlike other dating websites which charges members a fixed monthly renewable rate, adopts a “pay-as-you-go” policy. This makes the system very appealing to a lot of members. This way a member have a total control of how much he wants to spend depending on which service he wants to use. There is no point in paying for all the site’s features if your not going to use that right?
Currently they are accepting online credit card payments and PayPal payments only. They are not accepting bank transfer and payment via Western Union. One you made the payment you will be given a choice to automatically replenish your credits or you can choose to manually do it.

AnastasiaDate Coupons and Promo Deals

To save money on buying AnastasiaDate credits many members would look for ways to lessen the cost of their expenditure. There are option to make some savings here. A member can choose to buy big block of credits, buy credits through the website’s promo deals, and use promo codes or coupons codes online. From what we have discussed above a member will be able to save a lot of money when he buys big chunks or blocks of AnastasiaDate credits.

AnastasiaDate Promo Deals

Every now and then we see a lot of AnastasiaDate promo deals. These are online promo offers that we can find on their website. As of the time of writing we have found that they offer 30 Free Credits upon signup and completion of profile. Another popular deal is a complementary 10 Free Credits to every new members. This means that you have to go through the whole signup process, complete your profile, upload a photo and provide credit card information to verify your account. The card will be charge a very small amount which will be reversed on the same day.

They also provide their loyal customer with some bonus discounts like 10% off on flower delivery, additional webcam chat time and many other deals.

AnastasiaDate Promo Codes

Before anything else we like to make it clear that we did not find a field to enter any promo or discount code when we tried to checkout or buy some credits. We are not sure if they are accepting online coupons or not. But a quick search online would reveal that some coupon websites would have AnastasiaDate coupons for online use. Again we can’t verify their validity. They might work if you want to purchase credits via phone, which we did not try. Nevertheless here are some popular AnastasiaDate coupons which you can find online.

  •  15% savings on first order :
  • $5 discount on premium international dating
  • 20 Free Credits when you signup online

AnastasiaDate Complaints

Despite having a good reputation of arranging dates and real marriages complaints are still flooding the internet. There are different stories out there calling the site as fraud and scam. We are not here to defend the site but to give what is out there. In fact we recognize that they really do have a lot of unhappy customers. If you have a firm with massive members it get really hard to keep everyone happy.

Upon reading a lot of complaints, we can come up with a theory of what causing the customer dissatisfaction. First is that AnastasiaDate is affiliated with a lot of local mail-to-order-bride agencies in Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern Europe countries. They don’t really have control of what these women do and how they handle their husband to be which happens to be the site’s paying customers.

Second problem is the unavoidable tendency for these women to take advantage of the men. Some women would make the men believe that they want to be his bride, and they are eager to meet them. But after the men has spent $$$ on arranging the meet up, he will no longer hear about her. Or she would make up excuses not to appear during the date.

Third problem is it’s expensive! Unless you are not ready to spend some real money to meet and date these ladies then this website is not for you.

There are a lot of other of complaints out there and you may have your own horrific story. Why not share it here let everyone know about it.

Our Final Say

We should not forget that is a website for people looking for marriage or long-term relationship. That is why we have a lot of AnastasiaDate Success Stories of marriages and successful couples. This should not be mistaken for an adult dating site or casual dating website. If you want to find a bride from this part of the world then this is the website for you. If you’re looking for casual fun then you are better off somewhere else. Our best tip is to be straight and clear of what you need to accomplish. Then look for ladies who are looking for the same thing. There are interpreters who will assist you and break the language barrier if that is a problem.

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