Anonymously Share Pics And Chat With People In Your City With Whisper

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Another great app with a ton of women (mostly younger 18-25) just looking to chat and hang out. Topics of conversation can range from depression to pic sharing. You install the free app

Whisper – Share, Express, Meet ,  Description: Anonymous secret-sharing and messaging for free!

You would think it being anonymous and not really requiring much authentication that there would be a lot of spam but it seems to be pretty good experience so far

And then anonymously submit your whisper by writing your secret, confession or interest accompanied by a photo. You can sort by location so you are chatting to people in your city or just see the latest whispers to get immediate responses. Because you are anonymous all kinds of crazy stuff gets admitted to. Turns out tons of women have rape and submissive fantasies like wanting to be tied up. Most were very willing to exchange naughty photos and roleplay.


The results: Sample whispers that turned into sexy chat included


Chat? 22F Clean

Bored (girl)

Do you think im crush worthy? 15f

I want to try new things with someone

Guys message me <3

Role playing request:

Tell me what to do

Who wants to roleplay

Photo Rating Request

Tell me I’m pretty

Because this is anonymous the legitimacy of alot of whispers is in question but some of the conversations can get pretty wild.

For example one 21F wanted to chat roleplay about daddy daughter stuff while sharing pictures and sharing fantasies of being tied up and other secrets about life.

Another wanted to be told what to do so nude selfies were exchanged and the sex chat conversation moved in all sorts of directions.

This app is seriously addictive and if you like this kind of thing you should try it out. Users seemed more than willing to steer the conversation towards sex, fantasies, confessions, secrets and general naughtiness.

Because the app has a location filter there is a real possibility of moving this pic sharing conversation to the bedroom. Most users that you direct message in the latest category seemed very responsive and respectful.

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