Approaching Women: Anxiety Attacks And Fear Of Rejection

Finally a solution to panic and anxiety attacks associated with talking to attractive women.
We as men have one dirty little secret that we don’t want anyone to know about…
We have so many strengths and have overcome so many hardships… Men have created empires, art and science.
We have stared fear in the face and won countless times… Yet we still have one fear that controls us like no other.
Most men can deal with almost any fear apart from the fear of rejection… It is rooted so deep in our subconscious which makes it very difficult to control.
Rejection by a group of individuals a family a partner and even a women that you have never met in your life.
The fear of rejection is irrational… This women you fear knows nothing about you and you know nothing of her yet you fear her judgement of you?
Many men fear approaching women because of rejection but they also fear the lack of control that comes with anxiety.
Almost all men have difficulties controlling emotions of panic and anxiety. The women may be a shy beauty that couldn’t hurt a fly and wouldn’t dream of rejecting you but this doesn’t seem to matter.
You will do what it takes to avoid the symbol of being cast away by her during your conversation. You see the benefit of her company and attention to be far less than what you risk in fear rejection and anxiety.
What if during your approach you are gripped by a sudden panic attack? You have no control over when these attacks will occur and this lack of control scares you. So avoiding the situation completely is a logical and easy way out.
Escapism is an effective short term solution to many problems but sooner or later you will be forced to face up. Fear, anxiety and panic have ways of miraculously disappearing as soon as you confront them. Fear is strong when you are cowardice and cowardice when you are strong.
According to panic there is one key factor that makes the difference between those who fully eliminate panic attacks from their lives and those who do not. The key ingredient is not medication, lifestyle changes, or relaxation exercises. It is when the individual no longer fears the thought of having a panic attack..
This is also true for men that fear approaching women…
Anxiety and fear of rejection with women can cause much stress in the lives of men. Those of us that strive to date and pick up the most attractive women understand that the fear that you will be shot down never really goes away we just become better adapted to deal with it. Conquering your fear of rejection and any emotion of social anxiety and panic attacks can open up a world of new possibilities and experiences.
Do you suffer from the common and debilitating fear of rejection?
Do you find it difficult to carry on a normal conversation for more than a few minutes? Your mind wanders and you cannot hold eye contact for more than a fleeting second?
Are you sick and tired of the lack of control in your life?
The problems emanating from your fear of rejection are sadly always evident. Despite your attempts (through great emotional expense) to control the physical manifestations of anxiety panic and fear of rejection they are obvious for all to see.
Think of the limitations and restrictions this anxiety is causing you… Avoiding social situations has unmeasurable consequences on your advancement and enjoyment of life.
Rejection is and evolutionary response to the damaging effects of being cast away by a social group… Societies that could work effectively together was one of the keys in human advancement.
Rejection is emotionally painful because of the social nature of human beings and our basic need to be accepted in groups.
Karen Horney has done studies on romantic rejection:
Romantic rejection is a painful, emotional experience that appears to trigger a response in the caudate nucleus of the brain, and associated dopamine and cortisol activity. Subjectively, rejected individuals experience a range of negative emotions, including frustration, intense anger, and eventually, resignation, and despair.

So what’s the solution?

There is no magic pill or quick fix solution when it comes to complex psychological issues such as rejection fears and panic attacks. Experts have done studies and research on the topic but what you really want is a system with positive results from real people.
Panic away is a system that has been tested on thousands and thousands of sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks. Whether is be general anxiety or public speaking panic away has cured wide ranging irrational fears in peoples lives.
Attracting women and becoming a better man is all about daily improvements. By testing out the panic away system you could be fear free in mere weeks and approaching women like a pro. But it’s not just about approaching women it’s about conquering and defeating  a long standing fear that has held you back.
You are not alone as you will see when you visit the website… there are MANY video testimonials on the right hand side of the page that detail how the panic away system has help them.


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  1. I deal with this on a daily basis in my work as a dating coach, and I really like your post.
    Dealing with rejection from women is something guys really need to focus on in order to improve the quality of their dating (and everyday) life. It’s inevitable that we’re going to get rejected, it’s how we deal with it that counts. I wrote a post on the subject on my blog, you can check it out here

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