Are You A Jealous Dater?

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Are You A Jealous Dater?
Quite obviously you do NOT want to be:
Over controlling
Or Possessive when it comes to women
These are all negative emotions that should be eliminated from your emotional database…
Of course, this cannot happen however – jealously often comes on suddenly and without warning when you see your girlfriend
with another man.
Disgust and anger start to flood the senses without you even having a second thought. This is because the emotion of
jealously is controlled by the amygdala and hypothalamus, brain regions that can initiate violent aggression
Many deaths in the US alone are results of jealous outrages from couples.
The problems with being a jealous man:
You may desperate to find a women and even more desperate to keep her
You may believe she is sleeping around when she is not due to a lack of self worth as a man
This leads to you acting different and eventually pushing your partner away even though she was not cheating at all
“A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.”

The Solution

Controlling boyfriends are common – Biologically speaking it was a man’s job to ward off any potential mates that were a threat to him. Jealously is just what we call this now so do not feel that you are somehow bad for being jealous.
It may just mean that you love your girlfriend very much and don’t want to see her get hurt. Some girls are unable to control their emotions – you may feel it your duty to protect her against the ever present single man.
But there is not such a fine line between a touch of jealously and neurotic controlling madness.
Some boyfriends won’t allow their partners to go out anywhere without them being present. This strictness is painful to watch and hear about. It is quite obviously a sign of insecurity and the fear of loss from the man.
Jealously and controlling behaviour can be solved.
It begins with the realisation that you are acting…
Also trust issues with your girlfriend need to be sorted out. Talk with her about whether you think your jealous thoughts are warranted. Hear from her “I love you”, and “I will never cheat” on a weekly basis. Keep this reciprocal love talk up to increase your own security and trust with her.
You may be getting jealous because deep down you know she could do better with the men she is attracting.
You need to either work on your own self worth and what you think of yourself. (positive affirmations and self talk) Or learn some knew empowering skills.
Work out
Join a sports team
Become more confident within yourself
Rather than restricting and damaging her life try expanding yours. This is the only positive way forward for a relationship based on fear and jealousy
Do not be the possessive man. Allow your women to do what she wants and be the women she dreams of being!
If your women really wanted to cheat on you she could!
She is smart enough to get around your efforts to withhold her privileges and womanly rights.
So accept the fact that you do not have any control over her and you never did. She is her own women and that is attractive to you. Watch as she grows with the freedom she has but notice that she comes home to you.
She comes home to the man she loves. At the same time you are still working on yourself
Your emotional stability
Your financial stability
Your social connection
The stronger you grow the more she will be attracted to you.
I am sure many of us (men) feel threatened by the increasing ability and control that women have. They are becoming stronger wiser and more financially secure with every day.
We as men need to accept that this is the natural progression of mankind. To suppress women would be to take a massive step back in evolutionary time.
Embrace women for everything they are and work on eliminating your jealously by becoming more emotionally, financially and socially stable.
This way if she decides to leave you (your worst nightmare) you will have become the confident rich and secure single man rather than a small scared jealous boy.

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