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Are you interested is integrating online dating sites with facebook. Facebook is basically one big dating site but it has its limitations. You cannot actively search for singles in your area and asking to be someone’s friend on face book without actually knowing them offline is not acceptable.
Apart from being time consuming using the classic interface to try and get dates is simply ineffective. However there is a change in the air.
With the ability for anyone to create facebook apps and integrate them within the fb interface it’s opened up a whole knew world.
A whole new world of online dating that is.

You see facebook is seen as a very accurate representation of an online avatar. There is little reason to lie about your identify with facebook because you are communicating and sharing with friends. This means has tapped into millions of real life singles.
You can really find out who a person is with are you interested because you can just check out there facebook profile. There is already a ton of profile pictures and REAL LIFE pictures with them and friends. So forget empty profile descriptions, already has access to all of the information you need.
Finding singles within a safe environment just go easier and 20 million+ facebook users have already downloaded the app!
However areyouinterested is more than just dating: or though it’s based around singles joining it’s also a great way to simply meet new people. If you are new to an area and want to get to know some locals what better way than to use the power of facebook. Aussie Users Canadian+US Users UK Users European Users
Signing up is 100% free of course, you just download the app, but making further contact will cost ya. Are you interested opens up facebook so that there are no boundaries between interaction which means there is a no friction atmosphere within the site. The inherent trust built by facebook and it’s users makes this dating partnership a win win.

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