Finding the One by Astrological Signs: Aries


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March 21 – April 19

A fire sign ruled by the planet of the God of War – Mars, the first sign of the zodiac, and represented by a ram – which when turned into a verb means a pushing force, one can easily associate the astrological sign Aries with bravery, leadership, and perseverance written all over them.

Those born under the sign of Aries show characteristics of being strong, courageous, passionate, confident, optimistic and energetic.  It is these characteristics that make them trailblazers in whatever they field they set their minds into. Their great initiative, determination and positive outlook that can motivate anyone who is with them in a team. These make them successful career-wise, have the charisma to rally people behind them to believe in their initiatives and work towards its goals – they are built to be impressive leaders.

Fearless and brave, they have no fear of the unknown, are adept into kickstarting new projects and ideas. They are also not ones to back off on a debate, and they will summon all their strength and knowledge to outwit and win. Their optimism and energy push them through any unfamiliar territory with a belief that through persistence everything will fall into place in time, though preferably sooner if they just give it a few nudges. Being the first sign of the zodiac, their desire to always come first and be competitive also manifest.

It is their strengths however that once twisted or overdone that becomes their weakness. Their courage can come off as impulsiveness – undisciplined bravery can manifest in decisions that are not well-thought-out. Their passion and determination may be viewed by others as stubbornness and inability to compromise when needed. Their energy and optimism that they will get their way can turn them impatient. When their desire to be #1 goes on overdrive, they can get competitive, worse – jealous if they do not end up winning.

Given these traits, people may perceive an Aries as egocentric and arrogant. Their innate leadership qualities combined with their unwavering determination also make them likely workaholic candidates. Their tendency to rely too much on their heads can also make them less likely to enjoy the ride and feel the emotions of what it feels to be human.


 Aries for Partners

When it comes to sex and relationships, Aries continues to express their energetic and leader tendencies even when it comes to romance. They never fear to initiate contact to a potential partner and showing their feelings. When they fall in love, they will verbalize their feelings – despite not having have thought enough if they really do. They will be showy with their affection putting their sweetie first at all times, sometimes to a fault that he partner will feel too complacent and may not necessarily reciprocate the effort.

When it comes to sex – they have a tendency to prefer to be on top or the giver – they love the challenge, which makes them fantastic lovers – committed to satisfying their partners. They may show their impatience by not paying as much attention to foreplay and their energy will want to go straight to business – and may prefer quantity over quality.

Courage and competitiveness will also manifest in a relationship with an Aries as they closely guard their mate. Jealousy may come into play which may suffocate the other party.

Aries Men

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Aries men are the take-charge kind of guys. He has rules and whoever that ends up as his partner must learn to play by these rules. A true warrior even in romance, his weapons are his sly smile, his way with words and an irresistible bad boy persona.

Pharrell Williams, born April 5.
Pharrell Williams, born April 5.

Not to worry though, as in his mind, the rules are all about wooing and protecting his partner. A quintessential man’s man, he wants to be the instigator in the relationship. His competitive nature comes into play such that to seduce one, the partner must allow him to play the chase – challenge him and make him earn his prize. Despite being competitive, he values and fair-play and commitment, and is unlikely to be caught cheating or wrapped up in deceit.

A toughie that is all about being the boss, he has a mushy and sweet custard inner core who falls in love pretty fast. He is erotic but quite impatient with the formalities involved in foreplay – this will be compensated though with his sensuality. This ram of a man will devour you with an unimagined fiery passion.

Aries Women

Feminist. That is one word that can aptly describe an Aries woman. They evoke power with their fearlessness and leadership qualities. One must understand her innate independence and courage, and to those brave enough not be intimated to become her potential partner, she is sexy and irresistible.

Emma Watson, born April 15
Emma Watson, born April 15

Aries women value their freedom and are not interested to be controlled by anyone – this is unlikely to be an obstacle though, as when an Aries woman is interested in another individual, she will not hesitate to let it be known.

Her confidence and ambition can be standoffish for some, but she does not intend to dominate over someone and is instead looking for an equal – whom with she can have adventures and build dreams and empires with. She wants someone who shares the same energy and courage – not a fan of opposites attract.

Despite her independence, she still sees thrill to the chase and is willing to play both roles of the hunter and the prize. She appreciates someone who can make her feel special and desires attention and loyalty from her partner.

A lady in the streets, but nasty beneath the sheets, Aries women are highly sexual – and is willing to try every new experience is pursuit of sensual pleasure. She can get demanding, wanting to be fulfilled by her partner. A true advocate of equality and feminism, she can effectively identify what is mere sex and what is true love – with her being aggressive when it’s just sex and more gentle and sensual when in love.

Aries Compatibility with Other Signs

If you want to start dating and find the one based on Zodiac sign, is the #1 Zodiac Sign Dating Site that allows you to filter potential matches based on astrological compatibility.

Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, below are the rankings of Aries compatibility to each astrological sign.

#1 Aries – Aries

A highly energetic union, fighting fire with fire creates explosions – and it can work to create beautiful fireworks and or destructive napalm. In this ram-to-ram match, it is a matter of being on completely the same plane when it comes to their values – they are both straightforward and clear with their intentions and communications style. Their high energies likewise align making the shared activities in the relationship always full of excitement, adventure, and even competition. Their ambitions will be so appealing to each other and they will enjoy each other’s successes.

Their wham-bam-thank-mam-approach to sex may be seen as a little impersonal by others but an Aries-to-Aries coupling will make the sexual energy so fiery because they both understand each other’s impatience with pre- and post-cuddling, and actually appreciate it. Their focus tends on the act itself and making sure it is physically passionate, intense, and satisfying. Their lack of emotion may frustrate other signs, but in this match, they both understand that they aren’t just that emotional, and that is completely ok.

Both are competitive and have an ulterior yearning to be number 1, with none wanting to let go of the reins. Similarly, their tendency to be impatient can cause friction in the relationship. Not to worry though as these two individuals would love a good fight and make-up sex just as much. The key to making this relationship last is teamwork and the concept of taking one for the team. One must be able to yield to the other and both must lay down rules on how the power sharing works in the relationship so that ramming horns need not happen.

Aries to Aries. The bad boy and the not-to-be tamed girl.

#2 Aries – Leo

Aries is a cardinal sign that tends to be domineering but when it comes to romance, Aries cannot take a weakling, thus being paired with a bold lion is something the ram will totally appreciate. Both Aries and Leo can seem terrifying matched with other signs, but these two aren’t fazed by one another. Their communication will evoke feelings of mutual admiration brought about the same things that these signs find to be important in their lives.

Similar emotional nature allows the pair to understand each other’s feelings with their values aligning with both of them putting their heads first before their hearts. They both love having fun, crave attention and praise, and will practice a healthy, friendly competition, but both supportive of what the other is working hard for. The lion and the ram also are both fire signs so things are about to get hot between these two. Their sexual connection is on the same plane, able to handle each other’s erotic nature, and their competitiveness comes out even in the bedroom.

The disparity between the two is Leo tend to be a little lazy, while Aries sets a premium on industriousness, a Leo may pass the weekend lounging in a cafe while Aries gets up early to get some exercise. Further, given both individual’s larger than life persona, they can get into verbal squabbles – very loud ones too. Thankfully none of the two holds grudges or gets too emotional, further, both can easily cool down, keeping their eyes on the prize and making the bond strong enough to not let misunderstandings be taken too personally.

 #3 Aries – Sagittarius

Another fiery pairing, this partnership elicit a yin-yang effect of complementing each other. Though both fire signs, Aries is a cardinal sign who like to initiate and be the boss, meanwhile, Sagittarius is a mutable sign – more fluid, allowing spontaneity into their systems and would benefit highly having someone lead it, and are comfortable merely following.

Both enjoy physical activities and lust for life, ensuring that there’s no boring moment in the relationship. Neither are rushing towards serious relationship commitment thus both do not get too clingy with each other. Both are highly charismatic and their social circles will admire the healthy dynamic of this match. Sagittarius will enjoy whatever changes and adventure Aries initiates. This works just as advantageously for their intimacy which tends to playful thanks to cheerful Sagittarius who can help relax the very competitive and passionate ram.

Differences will arise as a matter of strong conviction and philosophy, but given neither are too emotional this works for both parties as they don’t tend to hold grudges after misunderstandings. Despite this, both can be quite warm once in a relationship. Sagittarius will play a major role in extinguishing conflict as it is this same playfulness that can mitigate the tension brought about by strong conviction held by both signs.

#4 Aries – Gemini

A great match, the Ram and the twins are highly compatible, based on the signs’ tendency to be both intellectuals. Gemini values knowledge and rationality – traits very apparent with Aries. Both are energetic and enjoy the fact that there is finally someone who can keep up with your sense of adventure. Gemini is a conversationalist while Aries is an instigator, though not as vocal as the counterpart, always have thoughts to share. This match-up will not run out of ideas to discuss and debate, and activities to do and participate.

Gemini is air and Aries is fire, and their sexuality will have the same effect as air amplifies the fire. Aries’ sexual prowess and Gemini’s imaginative mind will make them try everything that springs to mind beneath the sheets – even to a point that the public may perceive their lack of inhibitions and spontaneity when it comes to sex as different. This will also manifest in their thirst for exhilarating experiences and adventure.

Their energy, creativity, and passion will manifest in the bedroom if harnessed positively, else, will create an aggressive and hostile environment. They are good in communicating but are not as efficient when expressing their feelings. Despite these, both signs are not needy or emotional and tend to shrug off misunderstanding, forgiving and forgetting. The tandem just needs to learn to communicate their emotions better and appreciate their similarities instead of mulling over the differences.

#5 Aries – Pisces

Trouble in paradise looms for this match, as Aries can come off too strong for Pisces. Their straightforward attitude may easily break fragile Pisces – which may jeopardize the trust in this relationship. Sex will be passionate – but not romantic as per a Piscean’s standards. Pisces treats it as an emotional connection, and interested in the after deed cuddle, whereas sex is a primal act for Aries.

It will take a level of effort from Aries to be patient, caring and romantic to be aligned with Pisces. They have different interests in life which can be a way for both parties to learn new things.

Initial attraction will be high for the two, which if maintained can create a loving bond. The secret is negotiating and setting clear each other’s relationship roles. Once compromise has been achieved, Aries will be in control of the relationship, as Pisces will offer support, devotion, understanding and loyalty. Pisces will appreciate having a protective partner who can lead the relationship – which is very apparent with an Aries.

#6 Aries – Aquarius

Dynamic and energetic signs who are interested in taking action and socializing – they will have limitless activities and adventure and share an eagerness and excitement for life. The two signs have a high level of trust and value independence and as such, there is less likelihood for either to feel overwhelmed in the relationship. Communication comes easily for both, usually with humor injected into it, making them both quite charismatic.

The level of their energy makes an exciting sex life, willing to try out new things without inhibitions, but their masculine characteristics could cause lack of tenderness or intimacy. Aries tends to be interested in the physical aspect of sex meanwhile, Aquarius have a tendency to seem cold when it come to romance. This lack of emotions when it comes to sexual contact is expected to get better in time.

Both have tempers and likely to butt heads as Aries is cardinal and Aquarius a fixed sign – both tend to take charge. Determined Aries can get to carried away with Aquarius’ great plans, only to feel left hanging when Aquarius goes on relaxed mode and the plans does not come to fruition. The key to this duo is complementing each other’s strengths – Aquarius can calm down the very fiery Aries, while Aries can motivate an often chill Aquarius.

 #7 Aries – Libra

At first, this match may not click but eventually will find chemistry. Impulsive and impatient Aries might get into Libra’s nerves who wants to ensure things are carefully weighed and analyzed before coming up with a conclusion or action.

This tandem would want to do completely different activities – though if there’s one activity they both agree on sharing it is sex. Their level of attraction is high with Aries energizing the pursuit, allowing Libra to let go of inhibitions. Trust is an area where both signs struggle. Libra tend to lack self-confidence, while Aries prefer that their partners be feisty and can keep up with them. Aries can take on the role to boost their partner’s disposition and self-esteem, as Libra can help Aries who find it initiating things exciting, but need an extra hand to deal with messy middles and finishing to fulfill their plans.

It would definitely benefit both if they can find other shared interest other than sex – though this pairing is shown to be capable of overcoming obstacles and are in for the long haul. It is just a matter or both supporting each other and augmenting where the other is more challenged in.

#8 Aries – Capricorn

An Aries-Capricorn relationship will feature a very high level of trust for each other, value independence and honesty, but plagued with other challenges throughout the relationship. They are both driven by success and achievement – good traits but can result in pressure and perfectionism.

Capricorn as an Earth sign values stability and practices caution – something that Aries shows impatience for, but Aries can learn to embrace this difference to somehow tame his too energetic character. The two will display somewhat of a parent-child dynamic with Capricorn calming down the hyperactive little boss in Aries, but at the same time generously spoiling the baby. This can develop into a pain point when it comes to finances, as Capricorn might not be able to give everything Aries demands. The same scenario is expected in their intimacy.

In order for this match to succeed, Capricorn must instill limits, control, and discipline gently so Aries learns the art of restraint – which will benefit the relationship in many aspects. Capricorn likewise needs to yield to Aries’ impatience. There’s much to be learned between the two, and if they are able to see their differences as ways to learn more about the world, respect these, and at the same time support each other’s goals, the relationship can reach power couple status.

#9 Aries – Taurus

A partnership where differences are apparent, which could either lead to a yin-yang balance or utter chaos. Aries tend to be bold, even coming off strong, they want their actions and decisions to be swift, sometimes impulsive, meanwhile, Taurus can be quite the opposite – extreme opposite, that is.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign who is practical, takes its time to decide and adheres to a routine. Taurus can also get introverted, enjoying rest and enjoys nothing more than the laid-back appeal of home and tradition. When it comes to sex, Aries is not about the climax, but the steady, gentle passion and enjoys putting in the time in foreplay and build-up. Taurus approaches emotions the same way – through gentle words, actions, and service in day-to-day work. None of these appeals to the uninhibited acts, grandiose gestures and sense of adventure Aries is used to.

However, both parties can learn a thing two about each other. Their polar differences in their approach to life might help them to achieve the balance they need in their life. Taurus’ stability can help ground the erratic Aries, while Aries’ adventurousness can put fun into an otherwise vanilla Taurus. If both are able to accept this fact, and compromise, this can turn into a very harmonious and balanced relationship.

#10 Aries – Virgo

An Aries-Virgo pairing can get challenging, but rarely boring. Aries doesn’t want idle time – meanwhile, Virgo wants time to be meaningful. A health buff, Virgo is willing to go with an Aries’ sense of adventure as long as it supports well-being.

Virgo is conservative and shy, after all, they’re virgins of the zodiac signs. This is an exact opposite to Aries’ assertive and big persona. Virgos are perfectionists and don’t like rushing into things – this includes relationships, especially with an impulsive and impatient Aries. But it is these same brute characteristics that will spark Virgo’s interest with Aries. Often viewed as the least sexual of the signs, Virgos prefer a partner who can initiate intimacy – something an Aries can offer.

Their opposite temperaments are might make the match difficult – but the relationship can function quite successfully if the parties learn to play their part well – with Aries initiating plans, coming up with ideas and ways to make things work,  and Virgo taking the backstage ensuring the ideas come into fruition through steady groundwork.

#11 Aries – Scorpio

Both have jealous tendencies, but both highly reveres trust which allows them to see eye-to-eye. Aries can get impatient with the Scorpio’s water characteristics of emotionality and indecisiveness, while Scorpio may view Aries as shallow.

A wild combination of fire and water, sexual energy is at its peak with these two individuals. Aries approach sex in a very straightforward manner, very interested in the act itself with no time for cuddling. Scorpions can introduce the art of seduction and playfulness into Aries’ primal needs making encounters very hot and passionate on the physical level and very slowly maturing to emotional through time. Emotionally, Scorpio can get hurt easily and deeply – a concept not too familiar with Aries.

Fiery Aries can destroy Scorpio’s emotions while Scorpio dampens Aries’ ambition and goals. This combination can bring out the worst in each other. If they have the patience to pace life together and leverage their sexual connection and trust better so that it blooms into emotional connection and mutual respect, there is the possibility of a satisfying relationship.

#12 Aries – Cancer

A pair that decides to keep it real is the way to go, and it is a good thing until the realness starts to tick the other one off. It is a fire-water match, and we all know what each does to another. Aries always have big ideas, plans to take over the world, while Cancer is interested in heart and home.

Aries’ brutish approach to sex lacking emotions might be seen by the Crab as a turn-off, who only welcomes sexual connections driven by feelings and expressed through tenderness. Cancer is naturally moody, something that the ram may see as another frontier to discover, or as something that they just don’t want to bother understanding.

A rather painful combination, this pair needs to really put in the time and effort to make it work. They must be able to see beyond their differences and how each can benefit but the other’s strengths. Aries just needs to learn to be a bit gentler, while Cancer needs to show support with whatever endeavors Aries has in life.

 * * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.


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