Ashley Madisons Database Leak Reveal Staggering Discrepancies In M:F Ratio

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So someone analyzed the data on the leak and wow, I expect at worse 20:1 , 100:1 , but no, it turns out you had very close to zero chance of ever encountering a real women on that site. You have more chance of hooking up with a women at a gay club than you do spending money on that site…

Apparently they have already been suicides over the reveal of names and credit card payment use, splitting loving families that turn out to be not so loyal.

What does this mean?

So what does this say about dating sites? It could mean that most of them have fake female user accounts like suggesting a 50:50 ratio… Unlikely right? Should companies get sued for this level of lying?

Does this mean men are lying scumbags? It seems women are not interesting in risking their marriages over a fling so cheating wives are extremely rare relative to cheating men.

Perhaps the future is everybody fucking some realistic droid that can please you in every way, understanding your fantasies 100% and catering to them by changing forms… Want the housewife, the schoolgirl the Japanese freak? This droid can do it all. Don’t worry guys it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime best that you put on some clothes and get out of the house, that women called ashley ain’t going to help you. The alternative is to go gay!

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