Your Asian Dating Questions Answered

Asian Dating

If you are interested in Asian dating, you probably have some questions. Knowledge is power, so the more you know the more success you will have in your endeavors. You’ll find the answers to your top questions about Asian dating here.

The Why’s of Asian Dating

The first questions most people have about Asian dating are why date Asian girls, and do they like guys like me?

Why Date Asian Girls?

Why date Asian girls? The most obvious reason is their beauty, and the fact that they age gracefully. They aren’t likely to become overweight or stop taking care of themselves once they are settled into a relationship. However, the most important reasons go far beyond looks. They are polite, intelligent, skilled in household chores and cooking, and wonderfully skilled lovers in the bedroom.

They are usually more focused on long-term commitment and family than American girls as well. If you are looking for a wife who will raise your children and treat you like a King, you would be well served to find an Asian wife.

Perhaps the best of all, Asian girls care much more about who you are than what you look like. If you were the nerd in school, an Asian girl will appreciate your mind. An American girl would probably wonder why you spend your time reading instead of working out and playing football like a normal man.

Why Do Asian Girls Like Foreign Men?

If these girls are so amazing, does the average American or European man stand a chance? In many cases, Asian girls actually prefer American men.

First, they are taller than Asian men. No matter what a girl tells you, there is something about a guy that she literally has to look up to that’s sexy. It makes her feel protected. Second, they are much more forward and confident than most Asian men. Asian men tend to be reserved and shy around women, where American men have no trouble showing interest in a girl.

The type of American man that is attractive to an Asian girl tends to have a bit of culture. They enjoy learning about other cultures, and they have hobbies besides playing Call of Duty with their friends. They know how to make a girl feel like a lady, and they can hold an intelligent conversation.

Despite the stereotype of the American male being a man’s man, they are more secure with showing their emotions than Asian men. They seem to be more in touch with their emotional side than Asian men, and less afraid to express their feelings. Many men enjoy cooking as well. This is another trait that is considered attractive to nearly all women. Cook a girl a nice dinner, and you’ve gone a long way toward winning her over.

Understanding the Culture

Understanding Asian culture will go a long way towards making you successful with Asian ladies. It also helps you know what to expect, and what they will expect from you.

How is Dating Different in Asia?

There are some major differences between dating in Asia vs. the West. First, Asian girls need to feel like you really like them before they show interest in you. The concept of the man playing hard to get, that works well with American women, will get you nowhere with Asian girls.

They have a genuine need to be cared for, and they strongly desire to please the man that they are with. This means that you have to put yourself out there and show them how great you think they are.

Sex is looked at differently in Asia as well. Asian girls have much more shame about having sex easily than American girls. If you plan to get an Asian girl to have sex with you, at the very least you have to offer them deniability.

They have to be able to say “I didn’t know that was going to happen”, or maybe the college favorite ” I was drunk”. Most Asian girls won’t have sex with you unless you are in a relationship, but you’ll still need to offer them a way to have sex with you without feeling like a slut.

Kissing is viewed much differently as well. American girls have no problem making out with a guy they just met in the club with little to no thought about what it means. For Asian girls, kissing is associated much more closely with sex. If an Asian girl kisses you, she is ready or on her way to being ready to have sex with you. They are more reserved in public as well, so save the intimate contact for the privacy of your home.

Commitment is also viewed differently. If you go on more than a few dates with an Asian girl, she considers this a serious relationship. You should be aware of this and make your intentions clear if that isn’t your desire. Meeting the parents is also more of a right of passage in Asian culture. If you meet her parents, you are essentially committing to a future with her. Again, if this isn’t what you want, let her know that you aren’t ready to meet her parents.

Asian women and men are also taught to “save face”. Embarrassment is taken very seriously, and they will go to great lengths to avoid embarrassing themselves or the person they are with. This means that you’ll have to pay attention to nonverbal cues as well as what she says.

If you ask her if she would like to do something, she may say yes just to please you. If you happen to have a horrible fashion sense, she will tell you that you look nice anyway.

How is Dating Different in China?

In China, most people don’t date until they finish with school. This means that a 20-year-old Chinese girl will likely have much less dating experience than her American counterpart. In China, there’s not as much emphasis put on love as there is in the West. Chinese women are generally more concerned with finding a partner with similar values who can offer them financial and emotional security than finding “the one”. Chinese women also have a lot of pressure to marry. A Chinese woman who is 26-27 years old and not married is essentially considered an old maid.

How is Dating Different in Japan

When you begin dating a girl in Japan, you won’t go on one on one dates. Instead, you either go out with mutual friends or a group of your friends and a group of her friends. You can show interest in the girl you like by breaking away from the group a bit, but keep in mind that her friend’s approval is important as well. You’ll generally go on 5 or 6 group dates before you go out alone together.

When you do begin going on individual dates, you can expect them to be in public places like restaurants or movie theaters. After 5 or 6 of these dates, you can declare your love for her.

This is called kokuhaku. It’s only after you have pledged your love to each other that you are considered to be officially dating. No physical contact, even hand holding, is appropriate before kokuhaku in traditional Japanese culture.

How Dating Is Different in Thailand

Thai girls are very deferential to their families. They also enjoy doing things as a group, so you may not get as much one on one time as you would like. They are also very reserved when it comes to public displays of affection. Even hand holding is frowned on in some areas. Thai people are also very generous, and you are expected to be as well. This isn’t about being taken advantage of. It’s more of a sense of helping family, community, and having a kind and giving heart.

How Dating is Different in Korea

Koreans work hard, so they don’t have a lot of free time. The good news is that you don’t have to put forth a lot of effort to meet new people, because you are generally introduced through acquaintances. Walking up to someone you don’t know and saying hi isn’t done in Korea. Instead, blind dates are more the norm, with a mutual friend or a family member setting you up. The other major difference is that Koreans love to celebrate their relationship. Instead of just a one year anniversary, they celebrate their relationships often. You also have to buy her a ring after you’ve been dating for 100 days.

How Dating Is Different in the Philippines

Filipino women are expected to be shy, reserved, and play very hard to get. Korean girls expect to be contacted by phone several times a day. A good morning text. Asking how she is during the day. These things let her know that she is on your mind. Marriage is considered the joining of two families in Filipino culture, instead of just two people, so the families of the couple are involved from the time they become an official couple.

When it’s time to get engaged, the man must ask permission from the girl’s family. Not just the father, but the entire family and sometimes even friends are involved as the couple expresses their love fo each other and desire to marry. They also talk about plans for the wedding and the marriage.

Finding an Asian Girlfriend

The best places to look in your search for an Asian girlfriend.

What Asian Dating Sites Are Legitimate?

There are lots of Asian dating sites out there, and not all of them are legitimate. Generally speaking, if every girl looks like a model, that’s a red flag. Another red flag is having to purchase credits. The websites that aren’t legitimate will usually force you to buy credits to talk to these beautiful Asian women, and won’t allow you to contact them outside of the website.

East Meets East

East Meets East is supposed to be a dating site for Asians looking for other Asians, but you can choose from a wide range of ethnicities when you are creating your profile. This suggests that all ethnicities are welcome on the site, and not just Asians. It caters specifically to Asians who live in urban areas, usually in American cities. This makes it one of the best websites to find a local Asian girlfriend. Membership is completely free for women, but men have to buy a premium membership to chat with other users.

It is free to create a profile and conduct searches, so you can see if there are girls you are interested in in your local area before buying a membership.

The profile information that is required is standard for most dating sites, and you only have to give a bare minimum of information to get started. If you decide East Meets East is for you, you can fill out your profile in more detail. Optional questions include physical attributes, lifestyle habits, and when you came to the West.

The site is simple and easy to use, but the advanced search feature is very useful. You can search by faith, income, languages spoken, and physical attributes in addition to age and location. You can smile at another user, send messages, and see who’s viewed your profile. It’s available as a desktop site and an app for Apple devices.

Asian Date Net

Asian Date Net is a free site that can connect you to Asian women. The profiles on the site are simple, and the pictures are fairly small. The search function is pretty basic, allowing you to search by age and country. Asian Date Net doesn’t have the sleek feel and frills found on many sites, but it does allow you to communicate with Asian women for free.

What is the Best Thai Dating Site?

Thai Flirting is the best dating site for meeting Thai ladies. The site is completely free, and it focuses solely on connecting Thai girls with foreign men. The profiles are quite extensive, but you can skip some sections if you prefer. You’ll answer questions about smoking and drinking habits, profession, income, fashion sense, and even hair length.

There’s a section on interests. You’ll click like or don’t like on a wide variety of things including movies and restaurants. It’s a good idea to fill out this section so that you can match with someone with similar interests.

You can also be very specific when it comes to what you are looking for in a partner. Children, income, marital status, lifestyle habits, and more allow you to narrow your search down to exactly what you are looking for.

Once you’ve completed your profile you can conduct a basic or advanced search to find other users. Advanced searches include zodiac sign, income, physical attributes, and more. You can also view the top 20 most popular users for the week. While the competition for these girls will likely be higher, it’s a good place to start. Particularly if you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for.

You can read and send messages, send kisses, and see who has viewed your profile on Thai Flirting. The site is free to use, and it has a great search feature. If you are looking for a Thai girlfriend, this should be your first stop.

Where Can I Find a Korean Wife? 

Date in Asia is the best place to find a Korean wife. It’s open to all Asian ladies, but the most common demographics are Filipino, Korean, and Thai. This makes it a great website if you are looking for a lady of these ethnicities. There are women from other Asian countries on the site as well, so don’t count it out if you are dreaming of a Chinese bride.

Date in Asia makes a serious effort to be clean and scam free. Statements about looking for sex or asking for money will get you banned from the site. They also require you to use an email address and a phone number when signing up. Very few sites do this, but it helps to verify that you are a real person.

Filling out your profile is pretty standard. You’ll be asked about your physical appearance, lifestyle, occupation, religion, and whether or not you would be willing to relocate to an Asian country for love. You’ll have an “about me” essay section as well as an “I’m looking for” essay section. You’ll also need to specify the age range you are interested in, and whether you are seeking love, friendship, or other.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, your profile is complete. You can conduct searches, and see who has viewed your profile. In addition to being able to send messages, Date in Asia has a selection of chat rooms. Lobby, Games, and Travel are a few of the rooms that you can choose from. These rooms are a great low pressure way to get to know Asian women. It’s available as a desktop site and an app for Android and Apple devices.

Where Can I Find A Filipino Wife?

Cherry Blossoms is the oldest Asian dating site. While they have Asian ladies of all ethnicities, their main demographic is Filipino women who desire to get married. Signing up is standard, asking you for your age, sex, location, physical attributes, profession, and marital status. You’ll also fill out an About Me section.

You have the ability to conduct searches, send smiles, and send predetermined questions to other members for free. This allows you to look for ladies and begin a conversation before you invest in a paid membership. The site has an extensive search feature that allows you to specify the country you are interested in as well as many other criteria. You can also set up your match preferences, and the site will send you personalized matches each day.  Once you’ve found a girl you are interested in, Cherry Blossoms gives you the ability to chat via text as well as video.

Cherry Blossoms also helps with visas, which becomes very important if you decide you want to take your relationship to the next level. Cherry Blossoms requires a premium membership to really get to know someone, but if you are marriage minded, you will find it well worth the premium.

Where Can I Live Chat With Chinese Girls?

Chinese Kisses is a great place to live video chat with girls from China. You can save a little time by connecting your profile to your Facebook account and uploading pictures from Facebook. Next, you’ll be asked about your lifestyle habits, physical attributes, employment, and religion.

Next is a screen that allows you to set parameters for partner proposals, which are what the site calls matches. You’ll choose an age range, and you can filter out any countries that you aren’t interested in as well. Next, there’s an about me essay section.

You’ll be asked to rate your priorities in a relationship including common hobbies, mutual friends, harmony, and physical intimacy from most important to least important. Then you’ll be asked about interests like sports, family, sex, and many others. You’ll have to rate these by the level of priority they have in your life.

After you’ve completed your profile, you will be taken to your homepage. You can see your matches, new members, and new photos. To get the most out of the site, you’ll need a premium membership. This offers you 300 contacts a month, video and text chat, and a translation service for all chat features. You also have the option to receive partner proposals sent to your email. The site has lots of members, and it is easy to navigate. The live video chat feature makes it a great option for getting to know Chinese girls and finding a Chinese girlfriend.

Where to Find Local Asian Girls

If you live in a larger city, the best place to meet local Asian girls is an Asian club. You can google Asian clubs and bars in your city, and likely come up with some good results. Don’t worry, you won’t get kicked out of the club for not being Asian. Particularly if you are looking for a more modernized Asian lady, this is your best bet for finding her in your day to day life.

Another likely place is your local college or college hangouts. Higher education is a big priority for many Asian girls, and there are bound to be some attending the colleges near you. Assuming that you aren’t in college yourself, you can still hang out at the businesses that are frequented by college students. Be prepared, however. Many Asian cultures believe in focusing on education before finding a relationship. The girls you find in college may not have time for romance.

Dating An Asian Girl

Dating an Asian girl is different than dating an American girl. Here are the top questions about dating an Asian girl.

How to Get an Asian Girl To Like You

Asian girls tend to be more demure and submissive than Western girls. They like a man who is authoritative and direct while still being respectful. They also like a man who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to be persistent in trying to attain it. They are also true romantics at heart. Showing a bit of your softer side can go a long way. Be kind and generous, and treat her like a lady. Feeling like a lady is very important to Asian girls.

You’ll also want to avoid being the creepy guy who only likes Asian girls. Be sure to compliment her and let her know that you are interested in her for who she is, not just because she is Asian. Don’t assume that she knows a particular Asian language, and don’t play the guessing game. You wouldn’t walk up to a White girl and try to guess what state she is from. Don’t walk up to an Asian girl and try to guess what country she is from.

How to Ask an Asian Girl on a Date

Depending on how conservative the girl is, you may want to invite her on a group date before going out one on one. Ask if her and a few of her friends would like to do xyz with a few of your friends. If you do ask her out one on one, ask her if she would like to go out for coffee or something that’s low pressure and in a public place. These aren’t the type of girl who thinks that “Netflix and Chill” is a legitimate first date. Be sure to be specific when you ask her out, so that she knows what to expect.

How to Get a Second Date With An Asian Girl

First, you’ll need to be a gentleman. This means opening the door for her, picking up the check, and walking her to her door. Don’t try for physical contact on the first date. Even Asian girls raised in the West are generally more sexually conservative than western girls. Be kind and generous. Asian girls tend to be more reserved than Western girls as well. If she is smiling a lot and seems to be enjoying spending time with you, things are going well. Don’t expect her to fall all over you like western girls do. If you take her home, do not try to kiss her. Do tell her that you enjoyed spending time with her, and go ahead and ask her for a second date. If you can make her feel special and make her laugh, you can nearly guarantee a second date.

How to Have Sex With an Asian Girl

Getting an Asian girl to have sex with you is essentially the same as getting a truly conservative (they are rare) Western girl into bed. You’ll need to build an emotional connection and push physical intimacy in stages. How conservative she is about sex will depend on her nationality, and where she was raised. If she was raised in Asia and recently moved to the West, she will be the most conservative. You’ll have to take things very slow and let her know that you are interested in who she is, not just getting into her pants. Some of these girls may not sleep with you unless you are engaged or married.

If she was raised in Asia and recently moved to the West, she will be the most conservative. You’ll have to take things very slow and let her know that you are interested in who she is, not just getting into her pants. Some of these girls may not sleep with you unless you are engaged or married.

Next are the girls who immigrated here as a child or whose parents immigrated here before they were born. Sure they were raised in Western culture, but the deeply held cultural beliefs of their parents will still have a strong effect. You’ll still need to take things slowly and make them feel valued. It always helps to give them plausible deniability. Maybe you ask if you can spend the night just sleeping and holding each other. Then you let nature take its course.

If she’s a second or third generation Asian girl, she will act much more like a traditional Western girl. She may be more conservative than average, or she may flaunt her sexuality.

What You Should Expect When Dating an Asian Girl

First, Asian girls are high maintenance when it comes to attention. Most Asian girls value your time and attention much more than your wallet. Send her texts or call her throughout the day to let her know that you are thinking of her. Be prepared to give her lots of compliments and listen to her insecurities.

Asian girls are generally very family oriented. If their family is nearby, you can expect to spend lots of time with them. When her parents get older, you can expect her to take on the responsibility of caring for them. The flip side of this is that these girls also make wonderful wives and mothers. Most Asian girls want children and marriage, and put these goals ahead of having a career. Many Asian girls are ambitious and successful in their own right, but everything takes a back seat to family.

Asian girls tend to be more reserved than Western girls during the early stages. When you first start Asian dating, she may play hard to get and act unimpressed by the things you do for her. However, once the door to her heart springs open, you’ll find plenty of romance and feminine emotion. Treat them and their family and friends with love, respect, and generosity and you will win their heart.

Asian girls make wonderful girlfriends and even better wives. Their devotion to family, their physical appearance, and their feminity make them wonderful partners. Treat them well, and you will never regret dating an Asian girl.

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