Ask PL: What Women Are Looking For

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PL:  what are normal women looking for in a man?
Tough question really…
According to this forum post
Women are looking for
Don’t get me wrong, i’m not looking for the one, i’m just look for someone. I’m basically looking for what ever girl wants: a semi-interesting, semi-literate,semi-intelligent, semi-attractive man.
If that’s all women are looking for guys you should be happy right?
All it takes to score a middle of the road gal is to be
interesting, literate, intelligent,attractive
I would say most guys are in this boat… Many guys are even a little MORE than SEMI literate. So heads up fellas. Stop putting the girls on a pedestal! all they are looking for is a guy that understands an appreciates them… If you have money or are cute then you should be able to find a women NO TROUBLE.
If you think your not a bad catch and are frustrated about not getting enough tail or perhaps even lonely heres what to do…
Self assess: What are you ACTUALLY doing to attract and connect with women?
Going out to a bar or club once a weekend is not going to cut it… You might get lucky, but if you really want to find a women try being a bit more creative:
It doest take much effort on your part to join a few clubs or social events…
Let’s say you love reading fiction… Join a book club!!! These clubs are full of women in an emotional state of mind. The club gives you heaps of opportunities to chat and make new friends
If literature is not your thing but you would love to learn to dance why not show up at some local salsa or modern jive classes.  Not only will you meet and interact closely with women but you will become a more interesting person too.
If you live close to the Californian beach why not sign up for some beach volleyball or indoor volleyball or netball
Getting back to the point… Women are looking for the same thing you are!
Some sort of emotional connection with the right person. If your personalities don’t match then move on and find someone else. Many couples will try to change or sacrifice part of their personality so that the relationship can continue but it’s important that you find someone that allows you to be you.

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