Ass to Mouth

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Ass to Mouth

Over the past one hundred years, the variety and oddity of sexual positions and sex acts has proliferated to a great extent. In particular, the amount of acts utilizing the stimulating of a partner’s act has become much more popular within the past few decades. One of these specific acts, ass to mouth, also known as ATM and A2M in popular culture is the immediate and sudden (sometimes unexpected) transition in which a male pulls out their penis from a passive (receiving) partner’s anus and replaces it in their mouth. The act of ass to mouth, while initially extremely unpopular due to its taboo and immoral connotations, is expanding its prevalence with the loosening of morals and standards in entertainment.

Of course with any sexual act involving the anus, such as anilingus, there is a genuine health concern with being the passive receiving partner (and in some cases the active as well). With anal insertion comes the risk of bringing out traces of fecal matter, which can be the host to several bacterial infectious diseases, parasites, and sexually transmitted diseases. If there are open cuts on either the penis of the active partner within the mouth of the passive partner, there then brings into play potential blood transferred diseases such as HIV and aids.

Some preventative measures have been taken by some couples practicing ass to mouth, to mitigate the risk of transferring any infectious diseases, primarily by using an enema which drains the anal cavity of any fecal matter. Ultimately however, hygienic cannot be guaranteed.

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