Attract Friends Online Using Public Social Profiles

Fame Fortune and Hot Sweaty Sex Await You

This time we are going to look at finding sexual relationships, friendships, casual dating buddies or even a future wife with the help of public social profiles.

We are talking google +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vine, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, DeviantArt, Reddit, Pinterest and the many personal blogs online.

Keep in mind that this is a long term approach that benefits your social circle, your friends (guys and girls), your general happiness and your sex life.

It’s a more balanced approach that works to promote you as a great well rounded person. Rather than going in hot to adult friend finder and messaging every wet teen you can find. This social media strategy is more of a personal branding tool.

The top youtubers get a lot of hate but there is also no shortage of the opposite sex throwing themselves upon thee.

Your current social profiles are likely spammed with a mixture of cat videos and memes. We can do better! Some of you may actually dislike facebook currently but if you learn how to use it, facebook can work for you. Instead of publicly updating your status so that your mum and all of her closest friends see who you slept with last night. Be sure to tweak those security and notification settings!


Send out those join group requests and friend requests – use facebook as intended! Rather than spamming the wall with memes chat online with new interesting people you meet inside private groups. They could be vegan, sports, fashion or local community groups.


shaycarl is a very happily married Mormon man. But if he wasn’t he would have many many women jumping at the chance to join him at his private ranch like home. Granted it took him many years of continuous daily video creation but if you scale it down and just do personal videos of things that you are interested in you will gain a like minded audience. Youtube comments and youtube private messaging allows you to directly converse with your audience. Many online romances and marriages occur because of this youtube interaction. It’s z list celebrity status but status nonetheless and point of authority is great news for your attraction levels. It’s weird how the younger generation are making celebrities out of the new youtube vloggers. Nothing makes a women wet faster than celebrity. Slice off your chunk youtube fandom, don’t do it for money, do it for passion and for online documentation. Put up things that you find funny and record exciting areas in your life. It’s very difficult for some to be so vulnerable online but those who have embraced it have transformed their lives and bank accounts.

Youtube vlogging is also a great place to promote any kind of non profit or business venture. You can also use it to promote  your personal facebook profile to chat on  a more personal level with fans. Youtube fan meetups are now common place, you can organise group meetups at local bars if your fanbase becomes large enough. It seems a strange thing at first – the idea that someone would want to watch your life, you are interesting to somebody out there even if  your life isn’t as interesting as you wish it to be.

Google+ is not going anywhere and it’s linked to your youtube account so make use of it. Include lots of photos and updates and add who you can to your social profile. That way you can chat with them using google video/IM chat.


Create your own r/ reddit community. It’s not for everyone but it could be for you.


If your passion has always been real or digital artwork chat with artist and find friends that love your work.


Similar concept to Deviant Art – users can send you private messages. Upload your best tunes and build your audience.


Its seems that every women and her dog are on pinterest – get on there and post some of your life and wait for the private messages to flood in. When they don’t get out there and activity build your following and friend connections.



The best option here is to combines your online presence – include your personal or “brand” facebook link inside your other

Combine Your Web Presence With

Creating an online brand or personal thought blog has never been easier. Include your latest youtube videos, photos and thoughts for the week in an interesting post.  Make it super easy to be contacted with links to your facebook, google+, twitter and badoo page. Creating areas of contact and funnelling them towards an instant messenger like facebook and then whatsapp is a great way to make new friends.

Gone are the days when your “online friends” are not your real friends – in fact the web is the BEST way to make friends all over the world. So long as you are actually scheduling offline dates. These don’t all have to be sexually related in fact most of them won’t be. They may be meet ups with mates to go see a football game or go play tennis.

Key To Success: Regularity and Consistency

The web is like a river constantly needing fresh content to feed it. You need to be consistent and regular with the posting of video and articles. Be genuine, authentic and don’t forget to strike up conversations with fans.

Commit to being public – you can do this and hide behind a generic avatar but it will work much better if you show your real self. A happy smiling shot of yourself front and center on your personal website with a description of you and where you can be contacted is a great start.

Invest in a great camera and video equipment for excellent images and footage.

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