Attract Women: Health Wealth Meaning And Purpose

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Why Do People Cheat

You will be very much aware how attractive money is… It provides health freedom and opportunity. You personality and beliefs will shape your life and determine the kinds of people you associate with.
The trouble is that your beliefs are shaped by the information you allow to invade your mind on a daily basis.
Some of it is great! – most of it terrible!
The news for example will full your mind with negativity. Do you really want to hear about violence death and war?
Why not fill your precious mind with positive thoughts… Images that will help you get where you want to go in the future.
Do you think that it would be possible to live a stress free life full of vacations and adventures to foreign lands?
This sort of thinking and DOING is what is really attractive to women. You wont need a single pick up line if you live life with enthusiasm and passion… Sooner or later your healthy and vibrant mind will attract and amazing like minded traveller like yourself.
Would you rather sit home – play xbox and drink beer… (not going to help get you the girl)
Or create a lifestyle that will REALLY excite you… Having the financial freedom to decide when and where you want to travel to next with your friends and family around you every step of the way.
Your job becomes your life and life obsession but you love your work so much that it doesn’t matter – it is funding your freedom so you put the time in to keep it running.
Drinking beer and playing games is great fun for a Saturday night with the lads or a rainy Sunday but it’s not getting you any closer to the goal… A life and a women that will make you truly happy. Going to work on Monday isn’t even getting you closer to your goal!
Unless it’s in a field that is really helping you it’s not helping your build your future life of financial freedom…There are financial realities of life… but who says you shouldn’t be researching and working in your free time?
If you want it bad enough you could be working in the weekends on turning your hobby into a money maker.
Taking a small risk and investing in your education is perhaps the best investment you will every make. Not only will it increase your “charge out rate” but you will be force to grow in other areas of your life.
You will have a fresh outlook on what is possible for your life.
It is a very weak excuse to mention that you don’t know where to start! What you are really saying is that you don’t have the courage to start… You don’t have the courage to face defeat… You think that you wont be good enough…
Do you think that attitude I attractive to women? Would a women feel safe and secure in your arms when you suggest to her that you don’t have the courage to pursue your gaols because your scared it wont work?
It’s never to late to start with a change – if your job is making you negative, overweight and poor and as a result few women are interested in what you have to offer I suggest working on yourself before trying any new dating tip…
Building an attractive drug free healthy and active lifestyle is THE BEST dating advice or dating tip you will ever get… Because the reality is that hot women go out with hot men…
And by hot men I mean men that have their shit together, they don’t actually have to be “hot” they just have to have a purpose, a goal, a direction, some sort of meaning in their life.
If you are different (the good different) you can take life by the balls and tell it sternly what you want.
The next step is just going out and making it happen!
Remember women are attracted to certain guys! It pays big time to know what you want out of life… If you think life is passing you by – now is the time to TAKE TIME…
Have you ever spent a whole day on planning out your life or even just figuring out what you want? It seems like a long time but it’ll be the best time you have spent in a long time and you will find out so much about yourself.
It’s simply a matter of writing down some goals… you have to allow yourself to dream a little, become a kid again and really believe that anything is possible.
Women find youthful enthusiam VERY attractive…
RELAX … dont sweat the small stuff… because it’s ALL SMALL STUFF
In the end is it really worth it? The job the stress this life your are trying to achieve… Do you even know what it’s all about?
Are you sacrificing your health and wellbeing for an unattainable goal?
What if you did something crazy like packing up and taking the family or a friend on a trip to Africa…
This sort of adventurous spirit is what women LOVE to see… It’s not all about finding love though… It’s about creating the life that you want! Because what you should never forget is that YOU are always in control of your own choices…
Even if you think that your financial status is causing you to fall to pieces you still have the power to control your own reactions to situations.
Feeling in control is very important. It builds confidence and gives you a sense of certainty about the future.
Get this certainty back into your life and you will notice confidence changes immediately.
Getting a girlfriend or attracting a future wife is not about little dating tricks! It’s about taking control of your own life and having a purpose in life that makes you feel fulfilled. Like the things your doing each day really matter.
Take control (even if it’s something small)
And example would be to reduce your alcohol consumption

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