Attracting Women: It’s Not About The Conversation

You will have heard – pick up lines are dead
You might be aware that what you say to a women is not really that important…
Let’s take things a little further. What if I was to said to you right now It’s not about the conversation at all!
would you believe me? would you believe that as long as you don’t say anything really dumb like “your fat” or “your ugly” it actually doesn’t matter what you say providing you have “x”.
“x” being the secret that most men will never learn
Don’t worry I can back up this argument.

What I mean here is that your success with women has almost nothing do to with your conversation with her – sound crazy to you?

Well it is a bit weird… You have been told that you need lines and phrases to woo her heart – and words and phrases sure help, but there is something infinitely more powerful
that you are NOT using right now.
You see, deep down we are all mammals and it helps to understand which part of the brain ATTRACTION and sexual desire are sourced from. You need to understand the beast before you can slay it right?…pun intended.
Women really are like us… they have to act a certain way in society but they ARE driven by similar needs to survive and reproduce.
You may be GREAT at chatting to girls and STILL not have a girlfriend… you are missing something and you know it. You have no life or “mojo”
Guys (especially gay guys) are amazing when it comes to talking to women, yet ask his friends if any of them would actually go out with the guy and almost all of them would hesitate and say… yeh I might but I’ve never really thought of him in that way.
A few women would say yes for the sex or just think that they SHOULD like him because he really is connecting and communicating very well with her. The reality is that ALL of them are NOT attracted to this guy. Despite his amazing social skills – Despite his boyish good looks and despite his talents he is just not “doing” it for them.
Why is this guy not able to attract women and get a girlfriend despite his great efforts…and he really IS trying hard.
At this point in your life you might have:

  • A few great stories that always make groups of people laugh
  • A relaxed easy going attitude
  • Solid personality and confidence
  • Practice has made you great in different social situations
  • Social intelligence?
  • Enthusiasm to tell jokes with animation

But what really counts is:

  • your intention,
  • your emotions,
  • confidence,
  • your tenure,

the whole vibe or “energy” you give off is what your really communicating to people
Ever wondered how animals communicate when they cannot actually speak like we humans do?
I would urge you to NOT underestimate the power of subconscious communication and body language.
Ever listened to a person and been utterly enthralled (even turned on) by them? In some rare cases they might even be speaking in a monotone voice…
But it’s the energy and body ques that you are picking up on. If you don’t transmit emotion and a sense of sexual energy when your attempting to seduce you will have NO chance of picking them up.
I am not talking about seedy emotion (that’s a selfish negative emotion) but positive attractive sexual energy that is dominant and persuasive…
Learn to turn on your source sexual energy and use it persuade and communicate effectively. It’s a LOT to do with holding eye contact and smiling and the emotions that your feeling at the time.
Just being yourself has A LOT of merit – it’s closely related to natural game and it can help you ease the tension and relax but you need more.
When you find yourself tensing up when talking to women (sweaty palms, hot flushes, beating heart) what do you do?
Just being yourself can only get you so far – if your at that point it becomes important to implement damage control…
Get out of the situation (excuse yourself to the bathroom), take off your jacket (anxiety can be linked with body heat triggers), change the subject…
do SOMETHING and try to re-engage back into your high touch emotions that will attract her.
In order to integrate this new information into your social interactions it helps to FORGET about just talking to keep the conversation flowing (like you have been told to do) and FOCUS on something much more important…
focus on the connection you are having with this women
focus on the emotion you and she is conveying (this may involve gently touching her arm from time to time to emphazise your point)


Your purpose should never be about getting her number
It should be about getting to know her on an emotional level… what exactly does this mean?
Good Question:
Here is an example…
Instead of asking her what she does at work or what the next club or bar she is going to you ask her more relevant questions…
But… those are relevant?
Not really – not seduction relevant… (ask yourself when your talking to women… is this question really helping me connect with this women on a deeper level)
Every idiot in town can ask about her day.
What she WANTS you to ask is questions relating to her internal world. Now this can be tough because it’s easy for an amateur to come off as just plain weird asking if a girl cried last night so ease into it ok?
A good easy boomerang question for amateurs is … why?
Why do you dislike your work?
the boss
Why do you dislike your boss?
Because he doesn’t pay me enough
Eventually you should get down to the real reason (and away from work related questions)
She doesn’t like her current life direction and wants to quit and become a singer.
NOW your onto something…
now we have a topic of conversation that you can really use to create a bond with. If you make her cry or get emotion (in a good way) you have sealed the deal…
It doesn’t even matter if you know nothing about the topic in question.
Your purpose should be to connect not interrogate and shoot the pick up line “close”
I understand that every man is different and everyman has a different PURPOSE:

  • Some want deep emotional connections
  • Some want marriage
  • some want company
  • Some want one night stands with drop dead georgoues blonds and plenty of them

Find out what yours is:
– I want to have a good time (because without that, nothing will really work out).
– I want to find a friend with benefits. (f buddy)
– I want to meet fun people.
– I want to find a outdoors type person
– I want a girl that shares my love for automobiles
Become more goal orientated by having a more relevant purpose. Your success with women will follow
Hope it helps

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