Attracting Women With Social Proof

Social proof works great when attracting women but few men either don’t know what it is or don’t know how to use it effectively. How can you actually USE social proof TONIGHT to get women? You might have heard of it before and it makes sense but to actually put this stuff into action in the real world is a different kettle of fish.
You want to be the man that women AND men want to meet. Social proof is REAL, it’s not some made up buzz word but a phenomenon you can spot easily which has a real influence on a women’s attraction toward you.
Did you know that women unknowingly look out for social proof everywhere they go? They are magnetically attracted to a man that demands respect in social situations by how he acts talks and feels inside.
David believes there is no quick fix to “pick up” because it’s more about building confidence within yourself over time. So that 10 quick pick up lines that will get you laid headline is bullshit because it doesn’t exist. Unless you get inside her head and get her emotions flowing by talking about something that is meaningful to her everything else you say wont matter.
The weird thing about social proof is this that it’s often rather counter intuitive. You see women want what other women have – you are MORE desirable when you have a girlfriend than when you don’t. Having a girlfriend means you have already been selected for by another women.
Social proof is what it’s all about but it doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not as easy to get as you think. Getting social proof is not about just throwing on glasses and some expensive clothes, a good start but there’s a lot more to be done.
REMEMBER people’s names; give them nicknames related to their hobbies and passions. This way when you go into a bar or restaurant you have AMMO, you can introduce yourself and your date by name and there will be instant connection with the WAITRESS.
Not your date yet but with other women like waitresses and checkout girls.
Other women will pay attention to you because the women you are talking to is paying attention to you… Remember names by jotting down little notes in an ipone or other device, just do what you have to do to remember names and important personal information about other people.
Now you are in this restaurant and it’s like you OWN the place because the waitress is talking to you like a friend not a customer. It’s natural now to talk to the group of women next to you that have overheard your conversation and are wondering whats going on between you and the waitress.
You suggest a good meal, ask them if they come here often or if they tell you that they’ve been there before, you can say, “I’m curious, what’s your favorite dish?” REMEMBER to use the ‘I’m curious’ approach to get them to start engaging you.
INSTANT social proof with ONE nickname.
If you have any doubts about whether this social proof stuff actually works just try it out a few times.
Remember you have a massive advantage with attracting hot women if you can remember names and important information because most guys are FORGETFUL and BORING. Become the life of the conversation by simply being mindful and remembering important events about a womens life.
Something like FACEBOOK is GREAT for this…
I mean how much can you really know about a womens life if you have just met for a few minutes right? But once you start to become friends you might find her adding you as a friend on facebook etc. Now you have a TON of information about her
What’s annoying her
What’s on her mind
What she loves and hates
So when you next meet her it’s simple; “Hey Sarah hows that project at the lakes working out?”, she and ALL the other girls will be VERY impressed you even know she is working on this project at the moment and that it is important to her.
You have a massive advantage with this stuff because everyone else is wrapped up in their OWN importance. They don’t care about what other people are doing as much as whats going on in there own world. So if you pay a tiny bit of attention to a womens:
New hair style
New fashion accessory
Or event in her life
You will get HUGE results and attention
REMEMBER it does not matter if SARAH is fat and ugly it’s not about attracting her it’s about social proof and changing your outlook towards attracting women. You can bet sarah will have a ton of attractive girlfriends that she will be happy to introduce you to.
Dont get caught up in what you say because it doesn’t actually matter to much… what you say is all based on observations of their lives.
Is HOW you say it…
Get EXCITED about their lives! It should show in your voice tone and inflection.
They will be well impressed if show any enthusiasm at all in what is important to them.
Remember this is all about stacking the social proof!
You will stand out SO MUCH if you just get interested in womens lives
So if you project bullshit negative uninterested VIBES and then get frustrated about how women don’t take any notice of you then you are acting INSANE
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