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This guy paul Janka is a very well spoken Harvard educated writer living in new york. He has set up attraction formula to help guys really escalate there success with women. He and the course are big proponents of day game and getting numbers fast with confidence.
He promotes being very forward with women and ditching early if they are low energy or not interested. This way he can get a bunch of numbers very quickly with which he will set up dates later in the week or that very night.
It’s easy on paper but the very act of doing this can be tricky if your knew to the whole thing. His ideas are solid – once you have a womens number the set up and bonding can happen very fast. She has time to think about you and get to know you a little from behind her phone. You have the chance to reach her personal space any time of the day and organise a meeting with her.
Granted this guy is an attractive obviously well off guy, but the system allows you to make it happen with women despite your current looks or status.
I just think this guy comes across as very authentic as you can see on the DR PHIL show. His methods are well refinded are teachable. He believes that without a teacher or mentor you will struggle to attatain mastery with women. The reason being is that you just dont have enough time in a day to learn what it takes.
This is paid advice in the form of a book called attraction formula from a guru of street game paul janka. It’s 12 years in the making and it’s good… His apperances on Dr phil and the today show signify his fame and success.
It doesn’t really matter if you choose this guy to mirror or some other dating guru… You could even try and sarge it alone. Either way choosing a mentor that mimicks your own personality is a really good peice of advice you should take action on.
Paul is offering you a chance to take you under his wing and show you everything he has learnt. What has enabled him to go from a 20 year old shy virgin to having sex with over 173 women!
At this point you dont have any reservations about his authenticity… he clearly is successful with women and he can teach it to others.

But you might still be thinking.

I know HE can do it… But that doesn’t mean I can!
He’s rich handsome and charming!
I’m dull poor and balding! How am I going to turn his system into one that works for me? …
It turns out that this is a VERY important question. All of the students that have used Jankas system effectivly have indeed shaped it to there own personality and situation.
Your aim is to break down your walls of insecurity and allow yourself no restrictions. Yeah you’ll make mistakes but in those mistakes you will learn. In time you will find yourself with many women wanting to meet up with you. From this pool of women you have the choice to pick the best and make your girlfriend.
This is what being successful with women is all about. Rather than having to accept the first women that shows interest, YOU know have the power of choice.
You will gain the power of choice only through a few failures and a little hard work.
Start skulpting your desirbale personality traits today so that soon you will be in paul jankas position… sex with attractive women any night of the week.
You see there seems to be this myth about women going around – Most guys think that women DONT want to be approached, like they are doing the wrong by interupting a girls boring day and mentioning that she is attractive.
Trust me, women WANT to be approached… why do they spend so much time on their appererance? Becuase they WANT to be noticed. When you reconize this hopefully you will start to see women like paul does.
You see he preachs this idea that most guys put women on a pedestal – they give power to women hence making it harder and harder to approach them.
The more attractive the women the more value guys give them. Every women has insecurities and fears of guys/girls liking them just like anyone else.
So if you are looking to sharpen up your day game or give it a go for the first time attraction formula is a great place to start. Let me know how it goes! (

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