Attraction Is Earnt And Chicken Or Egg Confidence

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Just think about this – if your an unemployed “unsuccessful” guy who is trying to fake confidence… you are trying to game the system. A system that has been working since the beginning of our own evolutionary time. A system that very few actually understand.
When I suggest to you that attraction is earnt what I mean is the specific factors that women find attractive coincide closely with a mans ability to protect provide and lead.
By increasing your own evolutionary survival and reproductive fitness you do exactly what it necessary to pull women toward you.
Here’s some proof
It’s no coincidence that money is attractive in todays society.
It’s no coincidence that fame is attractive
It’s no coincidence that leaders are attractive
It’s no coincidence that the ability to provide and protect is attractive
It’s no coincidence that health is attractive
It’s pretty tough to fake any of these qualities. They require effort to obtain. You wont see the lead quarterback of a football team without a women around his arm! Because in order to be that guy he has to be a leader, he has to be healthy and he is basically famous within his group.
Confidence in some sense stems from your ability to complete tasks that you have consciously or unconsciously set for yourself.
What I am getting at here is that it’s VERY hard to fake or generate an inner confidence within yourself if you don’t believe it. Remembering that you don’t believe it because you haven’t EARNT it.
There is a case of chicken or egg here –
Should I indulge in positive self talk to increase my chances of success or simply work hard with persistence and gain confidence from my successes?

Chicken Or Egg Confidence

In your attempt to attract the “women of your dreams” or any women for that matter you will be confronted with several obstacles… your own confidence playing a big part.
I wont list ways to increase your own confidence but I will address a common problem already eluded to above.
Should you “fake it till you make it…”
In many ways anyone that drinks alcohol to loosen the tongue and enjoy the night are doing exactly that. The boost in confidence that you feel while intoxicated is a cheap and immediate way to fake some sort of attractive exterior.
But once again it’s fake – the next morning you feel worse and you are no further ahead. So I’m going to suggest that true confidence comes from your own personal triumphs.
Women Can Spot A Fake
Are you aware of them “the bitch test” or “shit test”
Unless you are aware that this is going on in social dynamics you miss it completely and you end up being the victim of these tests that women use.
Women that are used to a lot of male attention need a way to qualify a guy and test if he is faking authority and confidence.
They will attempt to put you down or lower your value in an attempt to higher their own. If you take this put down seriously and accept it they know that your of “lesser value”.
They will also ask you do something arbitrary to see if you are validation seeking. There is a video below that talks about this (mystery method)
I wanted to bring this up because it’s so crucial to notice when your talking to women. Most guys will take these innocent bullshit tests from women and fail because they are not aware whats going on. Plus it ties in with the fact that attraction is earnt – she has to give  you something first! Watch the video.

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