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Women are attracted to LEADERS not FOLLOWERS: yet you will continually find men following others waiting for the right time to speak and conformation they are doing the right thing… This is all natural of course in todays modern society where men don’t really have any defined role. We are not necessarily providers anymore or even protectors.
The disconnect happens in our thoughts and efforts to attract women because women are still attracted to what worked on an evolutionary time scale.
Providing and protecting, problem solving, competing and being dominant worked then and to some degree still work now but on a more psychological level. Women are excellent manipulators and thinkers regarding what other people are thinking and feeling. They have a massive advantage and leg up on what works now. We have become intellectually and technologically advanced but ATTRACTION did not evolve with our evolving brain.
According to Dave deangelo Attraction is not a choice and quite right he is… Women have no say in the matter and the same goes for us.
However reading about being attractive to women and actually doing it are completely different things. Becoming more attractive to women involves acting a very specific way, some guys have and it and some guys don’t. The point is though it can be LEARNT. You need to find the people who know how to act and MIRROR how they act… Not what they are saying, not quirky pick up lines but how they ACT.
This post has some videos that detail how you should act
So what is attractive to women?
Confidence, Dominance, Leadership yes you already know this both intuitively and intellectually but how do you become more dominant and confident?
Unfortunately you can’t just wake up one day and be confident. You can feel confident in some scenarios and then a little
WUSS in others. You might feel dominant and confident in the morning and then something knocks you down and you feel crap for the rest of the day. You might feel confident and ready to attract women when you around your mates and then when it comes to your date you return to WUSS state.
This dominant state of mind is important to master. Maintaining that confident happy and positive outlook for the whole day takes practice. It helps if you are doing something that you are actually good at! It’s near impossible to fake confidence, women can smell the inferiority complex on you from miles off.
Confidence comes from being a standup member of society:
Whether it be being great at sport
Earning money
Holding a high status role
Being intellectually clued up
Spiritually cantered
Or just following through with what you promised
Confidence cannot be cheated or fast tracked it must be earned.
The intuitive thing to do when you want to date women is to go out and chase them like a piece of meat. This will get you nowhere! You need to ATTRACT women by being more of yourself and more of the man you were born to be.
Take up that hobby, talk to that women at the coffee shop, go on that run tomorrow morning, eat that healthy meal. Taking control of your life and directing your future is what positive dominant men do. So taking these first steps will start adding up and women WILL take notice because that is what women do. Start observing what women are doing and how they are acting around you.
Speak up and look everyone in the eye when you speak to them. Again this is not about reading it and understanding it intellectually you need to DO IT. Get out there and live life, it is the only way you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Learn to not be afraid of what others are thinking by practicing and self observing how you act in certain situations.
Take it easy and don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember it is not about the outcome or the final goal but rather the journey so relax those muscles, smile and be yourself.
Pick up lines and pick up in general work because of the transformation from boy to man not because of the cute techniques.
The techniques are great for refining your style and success rate but firsts you must take the huge first step of taking 100% responsibility for your actions… Because that’s what men do! And to attract women you must be a MAN
Dont think for one second that you can remain the scared boy inside but use one cute pickup line and land 9’s and 10’s
You need to put in some work – but that is where the satisfaction comes from.
Forget about chasing women – ATTRACTING women is much more enjoyable. Learn the techniques and buy the books but get out there and actually practice what you read. Because that is the most enjoyable rewarding part.
If your still confused

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