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Try these: Local Sex, Milf, Review

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Try these: Local Sex, Milf, Review

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Friends With Benefits vs. Casual Sex Partners


Friends with Benefits, or FWB, can be a great happy medium between a serious relationship and a one night stand. We all have sexual needs, but you may not be interested in a steady dating relationship. One night stands carry some risks, and if you want sex on a regular basis, it can be difficult [...]

Your Phone Sex Resource and How To Guide


The Auditory Sense and Sex We all know that sex is not an activity that relies on and affects solely the sexual organs. According to Medical Daily, during sex, the brain is the pleasure center and dictates which acts are enjoyable and are not., a sex education website, expounds on the idea by saying [...]

Has Snapchat made it safe to send dick pics?


Snapchat Basics According to, 86% of Snapchat users are 34 years of age or younger. A whopping 60% of users are 24 years of age or younger. It’s understandable why Snapchat is less popular with higher age groups. With family and work occupying most of our time, it’s all we can do to sneak [...]

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism on the Internet


Exhibitionism: Clinical Definition vs. Everyday Use Forget, for a moment, the traditional or perhaps clinical definition of exhibitionism which, according to the American Psychiatric Association is the “need to expose one’s genitals to other people. The audience of this type of behavior is usually unsuspecting strangers; the result is sexual satisfaction or the exhibitionist.” Instead, [...]

Loneliness, Sex, and the Internet


Loneliness is always subjective. For most people, it's quite unlikely they will find themselves on a deserted island or on a space station in orbit, but the same painful feeling of disconnection from other human beings can haunt a person in the midst of a modern metropolis. No matter if single or coupled, people crave [...]

Your Brain on Sex


Your Body During Sex Sex is one of the most primal needs of human beings. According to WebMD, there are 4 phases that happen during a sexual intercourse. Masters and Johnsons are two sex therapists who created the concept of a cycle that happens to the human body once aroused and during the course of [...]

Having Sex in Public – Why and Where


Reasons to Have Public Sex If you are looking to mix-up your sex life and you have exhausted the different places at home where you can have sex, like the bedroom, the shower, the couch and even in front of the kitchen sink when she was washing dishes and you couldn’t help yourself, perhaps it’s [...]



M.I.L.F. (spoken/pronounced milf) is an acronym which stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck”, (which is pretty much self-explanatory). It is a porn term pertaining to older women, commonly a friend’s mom, whom boys or younger men find sexually attractive. This concept made it to the mainstream when media presented it in bite size chunks [...]

A Quick Guide to Looking for Casual Sex on the Internet


There are many dating websites that appear to be intended to connect people looking for casual sex. Additionally, many of these sites offer some services for free with the option to upgrade while others offer very little and require the user to upgrade in order to really experience the website. However, many of these sites [...]

Understanding Online Live Chat From Sex To Serious +13 Free Live Chat Sites


Live Chats are seen with disapproval from the majority. The practice is still considered taboo and even considered immoral in some countries. However, to look at it from a different perspective, live chat and online dating is actually a safe medium to meet people. The rules are similar to traditional dating, only it’s accomplished in [...]

100 Free Online Dating Sites


100 Free Online Dating Sites Contents   General Religion 40+ Dating Ethnic Dating Alternative Niche Hook Up Mobile Dating Gay and Lesbian Specialty Sites   The number of online dating sites has grown exponentially in recent years. You now have access to more than enough options when you are choosing an online dating site. However, [...]

An Experience with


When I was first introduced to I had just moved to a new location and I had very few friends in my new city. One of the only friends I had at the time recommended as a way to meet women. My girlfriend and I had recently ended our 4-year relationship, albeit on [...]