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Try these: Local Sex, Milf, Review

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Try these: Local Sex, Milf, Review

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International Dating


  Many western men nowadays are looking overseas to find their partners. The reasons for this change of scenery are various, but the one basic theme undergirding them all is that local women no longer have what it takes to be a good girlfriend or spouse. Of course, lumping all natives into a single category [...]

How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back


Falling in love with a girl can be the best feeling in the world. Your days are spent kissing each other on the couch, walking arm in arm along the coastline, and whispering sweet nothings about the future. Then the inevitable happens. Cracks start to appear in the relationship. She annoys you by constantly texting [...]

How To Talk To Women In 8 Simple Steps


  Conversation is something that comes naturally to only a few guys; there is a small subset of men that can saunter in to a crowd of girls, regale them with tales of derring-do, and grab every phone number in sight. The rest of us, however, are more likely to stutter and stumble over our [...]

Double Your Dating Product Catalogue


Advanced Dating Techniques   Cocky Comedy   Body Language   On Being A Man   Become Mr Right   Meeting Women In Bars & Clubs   Approaching Women and Starting Conversations   DEEP Inner Game [...]

How to Seduce an Older Woman


  A casual walk down the street nowadays reveals an interesting sight: young guys walking arm-in-arm with older women. There are many reasons for this trend that, while already present since the dawn of time, is experiencing a renaissance in our modern world. Maybe it’s the excitement associated with seducing a member of the previous [...]

How to Last Longer in Bed: A Comprehensive Guide


  Everyone knows that getting a hard-on is easy; all you really need is a stiff breeze. Keeping a hard-on, however, is an entirely different beast. There are many stories out there about men who can supposedly have sex for hours on end without climaxing. People who have watched pornography have no doubt questioned how [...]

Still On The Fence About Online Dating? It’s Time To Come Out Of The Cave


  People have different perceptions about online dating. Some are pretty cool about it, while others think the entire concept is awkward and embarrassing. If you are reading this post, it’s quite likely that at one point you have considered online dating. If you’ve been hesitant to give it a try because you still prefer [...]

Penis Size and Its Implications


  It’s one of the least important questions you’ll ever ask in life, but for some strange reason, people still fret over the answer and its consequences. Does penis size matter? Depending on whom you ask, you’ll get different responses. Some men absolutely insist that a well-endowed member is the key to a satisfying sex [...]

5 Relationship Stages And Why Love Is The Key To a Happy Life


  Humans are social creatures. We need social contact with other people to stay happy and content in our life. Because of that deep-rooted human need, we form relationships with other people. Those relationships can be on a friendly basis, as family members, business partners or love relationships. Every relationship has its own purpose. But [...]

How to Get a Girlfriend


  The single life is the good life: no nagging partner, no commitments, no hectic schedules, and most of all, no in-laws. You live on your own terms, doing only the things that you want to do, when you feel like doing them. Many people worldwide are leading full and exciting existences as perpetual bachelors. [...]

Finding a Woman for Marriage


  John Lennon once said: "All you need is love." That may be true and certainly sounds nice when you sing it. But actually finding that love and the right partner in today's fast paced and busy world isn't such an easy task. We spend the majority of our time in our work and professional [...]

BBW Dating


"Dating a Fat Chick" "BBW Desire" "Chubby Chasing" "Feeders", For the uninitiated these terms can be confusing. Girls come in all shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum are rail-thin models in desperate need of a subway sandwich. On the other end are land whales who require a forklift to turn over in [...]