Avoid Painal With These Anal Sex Tips

Anal sex popularity has been on the rise for some time but many guys are jumping in rawdog style due to a lack of education on the topic. Vaginal and anal sex are completely different – you see pron films of jumping merrily between the like a game of hide the salami. An amateur mistake. Your not a porn star and neither is she so stop acting like one until you know what your doing. The consequences are dire! Anal tears, STDS and a messy memory you don’t want linked to your loved one let alone any women – instant boner kill.]

The Pros

Naughty – Anal sex is naughty and kinky, which makes it fun and a curious.

Fun For Everyone – Anal sex should increase the pleasure of orgasms for both you and your loved. However this is only  possible with the right planning.


The Cons

Painful – You cant treat the anus like a vagina, take it slow and steady.

Potentially Messy – The potential for this to get messy is real. Vaginal and anal sex are two different beasts. Anal douche or a removalable shower head is vital for good preparation. If thoughts of this make you squeamish you are not ready. The worst thing you can do is not communicate openly and during doggy style you try to slip it in ninja style and hope she doesn’t notice… SHE WILL.


The Solution

Lube –  The ass did not evolve any self lubricating penis detection system, help it out please with something like wet platinum.

Foreplay – Anal is not the first thing you should be trying in a sex session – at least one orgasm should be reached to get her fires going. It’s surprising what she’ll be up for after you turn her on.

Clean up

You may want this experience to be spontaneous and porn like but the reality is that you need to prepare. This means planning and open communication with your gf. So she can “get ready” and you can make sure that there are enough condoms and lube to sink a ship.



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Why is anal sex pleasurable? According to Wikipedia: The abundance of nerve endings in the anal region and rectum can make anal sex pleasurable for men or women.[2][3][5]


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