Bad Body Nice Guy Dating Argument

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What do you think of this?
COMMENT: This guy is right unfortunately. i am a nice guy and have been all my life, but i go in to indirect with women, because i am not sexual enough or masculine enough due to my inexperience and i hate guys who use women, it? makes women think all men are the same.
Girls are magnetically drawn to sexual displays of confidence – this is why girls are constantly attracted to bad boys who dont really care about their feelings – its a shame it has to be this way tho
Almost all of the dating professionals out there will tell you that being a nice guy will not get you laid.
Often a guy will start off as a bad boy and then over time a relationship will turn him into a softy. Women have ways of numbing and sterilizing a mans natural game. His testosterone no longer drives his confidence because he has none.

Bad Boys Building the Bond

Spend some time getting to know about her and share a few interesting details about
yourself (your talents, ambitions, passions).
To get her to share, use statements, stories and educated guesses instead of asking
her predictable questions.
Predictable: “So where do you work?”
Unpredictable: “I bet youre really good at what you do during the week, and then on the weekends youve got other interests that would probably surprise me.”
Or, “Im going to guess that when you?re at your job, you?re super focused and great at what you do. But then on the weekends you know how to cut loose…”
Predictable: “So where are you from originally?”
Unpredictable: “You strike me as a girl who was probably born in a big city somewhere. You have this cool, sophisticated, metropolitan vibe.”
(Note: It doesn?t matter whether you are wrong or right. Either way, you?re flattering her and inviting her to fill in the blanks and tell you more.)
Predictable: “So what kind of movies do you like?”
Unpredictable: “My friend Mike has a big date tomorrow, the girl is coming over to his house and hes cooking them dinner.
He asked me which DVD they should watch after dinner. I was thinking something romantic and funny would be best. What do you think—do any romantic comedies come to mind?”
Remember, always have your own positive qualities ready to mention

Bad Boy Seduction

I found you some great free resources on the topic of how to be a bad boy… (how to be less wussy with women)
Because by now you should realize that even if women tell you to be more of a nice guy and more sensitive what they really want is dominant confident guy who knows what he wants. It just evolutionary programming.
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4 thoughts on “Bad Body Nice Guy Dating Argument”

  1. Unfortunately spot on their mate – every women is different but we just cant help but be turned off by wimps. Gotta take charge fellas

  2. Unfortunately spot on their mate – every women is different but we just cant help but be turned off by wimps. Gotta take charge fellas

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