Bad Boy Seduction


Have you ever wondered why cute and attractive girls seem to go for these stupid arrogant dudes with no social or emotional intelligence?

The guys have one thing going for them and one thing ONLY they are outwardly dominant and confident. They have no reason or even any right to be confident because they seemingly have no attractive qualities or abilities yet the girls flock to their side.

Is it that the women you are looking at are equally stupid or is there something about these guys that really is working in their favour? It turns out that for some women confidence is all you need. They are prepared to turn a blind eye to lack of other qualities if you are confident. Perhaps it’s because if you ARE confident then that means you should be confident in your ability to everything else in life. Bad boy seduction has its roots in dominance and arrogance.

Alpha male/ Leader of the pack mentality. Women seem to be quite content in fact actively searching for these dominant leaders because they know what they want! Even if what they want is WRONG, it doesn’t seem to matter, the simple fact that they are confident enough to be certain about SOMETHING makes them attractive.

Luckily you don’t have to be that bad boy in the movies to really get women going and it’s pretty likely that you don’t want to either. Bad boys are usually pretty nasty ignorant people but they sure get women’s attention.

David Wygant did a big interview series called girls tell all, part of this interview details how to talk dirty to women and not come across weird. He gets this one super nice guy and transforms him into a confident badass who can pull any women he wishes. David does this with the help of a panel of experienced women. The women teach you how to “lovingly dominate” them in bed while still maintaining that emotional connection.

I think what you really want is the ability to turn this bad boy seduction on an off in different situations. You want the perception and intelligence you have now coupled with the certainty and dominance that being an alpha brings.

You should be excited at the fact that idiot alpha males you see with hot women CAN attract and seduce. This means you will KILL IT if you just learn how to be confident and dominant. Because you will also have that caring and romantic side that they completely lack.

David Wygant and his collection of hot experienced women can teach you:

How to become the dominant man in the bedroom

How to create that non judgement environment that will allow your women to go crazy with you

How to emotionally connect with women while also triggering attraction through dominance

Words and sayings that will turn her on in bed

Overcome sexual insecurities

How to be the LEADER both in bed and out

How to seduce through conversation

Every guy has a period in his life where he falls into the “nice guy” trap… some guys never get out of it and it leads to divorce. I see it time and time again, the man just never finds his “mojo” or dominant side and in the end she always leaves or else lives a life of silent desperation.

Do you want to live a life SILENT DESPERATION?

Look you know what I mean when I say WUSS or NICE GUY you remember the feeling when you just had nothing in you, no
confidence to push forward and get what YOU wanted.

It’s about not only taking a stand in the bedroom but also in life. Get what YOU want, it’s ok to say NO to women, in fact it’s extremely attractive because you know where your going.

Women DO want raw inhibited sex, women DONT want to be treated badly. YOU CAN give women what they want if you just learn how to be more dominant.

Bad Boy Seduction

I found you some great free resources on the topic of how to be a bad boy… (how to be less wussy with women)

Because by now you should realize that even if women tell you to be more of a nice guy and more sensitive what they really want is dominant confident guy who knows what he wants. It just evolutionary programming.

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