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Through the use of sex badoo you will soon realise that it’s more like a free dating site than a social network…

like a chat room, dating site and picture rating site disguised as a social network.

This is a pretty accurate description of the site. The sex badoo encounters feature was really enjoyable to use. Basically you get an ongoing list of personals in your area and you click on whether you want to meet them or not (based on what they look like)

This sends a quick message to the user that you want to catch up thus sparking the interest. I found this to be a really rapid way of signalling interest to other people. Just click YES , MAYBE or NO on an image and you have contact them.

It’s more like a little flirt than anything but it’s a great way to have a look at everyone closeby quickly. Check out sex badoo encounters here:

Badoo seems very well put together – a professional site with much investment and development in the back end. You will notice this when browsing around and using the upload and login tools.

Unlike plenty of fish or oasis active – sex badoo seems force you to interact more with little messages like “she want’s to chat” when she is likely not even online.

The growth of badoo has been mostly in Latin and European countries rather than the US however their is still a reasonable following here.

Badoo boasts 123 million + users which is very impressive!
They are a free dating site (free to contact) but they also give you the opportunity to upgrade your account.

What’s the point in spending money when you can contact people  for free you ask? Good question, there isn’t really any obvious reason other than being able to make yourself more visible to other users.

Buy badoo credits and stand out:

So with an upgrade you get displayed more in the encounters game I mentioned before… You also rise to the first place in search results.

Or get seen by millions in the spotlight…

So you pay for self promotion rather than the ability to contact others… Like it’s simple interface it’s just like google!

You pay to rise up in the search results (1 dollar per listing) and people are paying! Just like the google adwords programme the badoo self promotion service works.

You can also purchase virtual gifts for your date to show that your serious.

What I liked About Badoo

You see what you share: the trouble with many free online dating sites is users do not upload any photos of themselves or update their profile.

With Badoo – you get what you give, which I think is a fantastic integration.

Basically if you dont fill out your profile more than 50% you don’t get to view other profiles that are filled out by more than 50%.

If you don’t upload a picture of yourself you don’t get to see any profiles with pictures.

If you don’t upload more than 3 photos of yourself you can’t view images of other users with 3+ photos.

Not only does this give incentive’s to everyone to interact and display information about themselves but it also respects those that are willing to play the game and penalizes the lazy ones that do not interact.

If you really want to view that amazing profile then you have to show some of yourself to the world. It only  makes sense – it’s a little in built game of I’ll show you if you show me.

Sex Badoo

The setup of badoo is very simple and might remind you of how google displays everything. The features and ease of use of badoo make it one of the best free online dating sites online. You can even get laid using the website.

The value you get from it will be determined by how popular it is in your city.

According to

Badoo is adding over 300,000 users a day…

EG it’s the LARGEST social network you HAVEN”T heard of…

Why haven’t I heard about it yet?

It’s not showing up in the US or UK yet for some reason…


Brazil (14.1 million members), Mexico (nine million), France (8.2 million), Spain (6.5 million) and Italy (six million)

Impressive huh?

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