Bald Men | Dating Women | And Feeling Insecure About Hair Loss

Dating Women | Bald Men | And Feeling Insecure About Hair Loss

Is hair loss affecting your dating life? Are you shooting to low because you think women will think less of you?
There is no denying that a full head of hair screams of attractive youth and a strongly receding hair line is an indication of age or perhaps even ill fated genes. So I will not go filling your head full of hope and fluffy bunnies here.

Biologically women are looking for healthy men with good genes. Losing your hair is a sign of potential bad health.

According to:

An online study confirmed what we all knew already… that baldness is somewhat of a turnoff.


There are varying forms of baldness of course

You can either be receding – bald on top – bald at the sides or completely bald (shaved)

Baldness is NOT caused by High testosterone!

There is hope for Bald Men Looking To Date

Play up your strengths!

According to

Bald men are more intelligent

If you currently are in between bald and receding why not take the plunge and get rid of it all.

Bruce Willis did it and look how he’s doing!

Other hot bald celebs include:

Bruce Willis

Michael Rosenbaum

Patrick Stewart

Michael Jordan

Chris Daughtry

Taye Diggs

Sean Connery

Andre Agassi

The key here is to either embrace your baldness and play up your strengths or invest in some clinically proven hair loss methods.

Heres what pick up artist Wayne Elise says about dating women if you are bald.


If a man said that he wouldn’t date half the female population because their breasts were too small, he would be labelled a chauvinist fool

Many of the men listed above have purposefully chosen to shave their heads so they have the potential to grow their hair back. This seems to be ok because there is no lack of biological fitness. It is the men that have been “blessed” with the receding hair line that seems to be the factor putting women off. David Deangelo always says that attraction is not a choice
– the same thing goes for baldness. Some women are attracted to bald men which is great news.

Some women just love a bald man – they think they are really sexy and masculine.

To be balding and be successful with women you need to play up your other traits. Sean connery and Nicholas cage don’t seem to have any trouble with the ladies yet they are most certainly balding. Women look past the balding because they have become masculine and popular male figures in society.

So it seems that you need to either commit one of two ways.

Deal with the balding with treatments


Commit to being bald and do it well. Shave to get rid of the receding hair line and work on your personality, humour or status.

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