BB People Meet

BB People Meet

Big And Beautiful singles – BB People Meet

Looking for a dating site where you feel comfortable about your weight? A place like which celebrates big beautiful singles could be what you are looking for. Signing up for a big and beautiful singles site is much like any other site.

You have your page with name email age country etc – the next page in the registration process is usually a short answer area where you can describe yourself and what you are looking for in a big and beautiful partner.
You can also add additional information about yourself. Then of course you upload your picture which is sent for review by
Once you have completed those steps you reach the members area of
You will see inbox information and profile views as well as a prompt to flesh out your profile a little more as the more attractive your profile is the better response rate you will typically see. It’s always encouraging to other users to see a smiling profile picture in a big beautiful singles site so that members can attach a name to a face when they are chatting.
Additional bbpeoplemeet profile information could include religious views occupation income as well as hobbies etc.

BB People Meet Members Area

The members area gives you the ability to filter how many profiles you can see on your
home page. You can also search via zip code etc so finding other big beautiful singles in your area should be easy enough.
They actually have a somewhat nasty profile “hot or not” voting system which could cause users already self conscious about there weight to not upload a profile picture for fear of getting to many “nots” by other users. Here you can also see if anyone has flirted with you or sent you a private message.
It is super easy with just one click to let people know that you think they are attracted to them or think they are hot.
Paid members at bbpeolemeet are allowed to view and give video greetings which is a great feature. This enables you to interact with other members at a much deeper level before meeting them in real life.
Paid membership at bb people meet gives you unlimited messaging and lifts other site bars on your profile and some site features such as live chat and priority site listings.
BB People Meet hosts some really great features and as far as niche dating sites go this one is wonderful. Putting larger men and women in one area reduces approach anxiety about weight and makes the dating process that much easier.
BB People Meet is worth a visit even if its just to check out the free membership and see what other members are doing.
Even being aware that there is a site willing to help you with your dating for only $10 a month is a real eye opener for some larger “overweight” people.
They realise that they would not date otherwise if they did not have the help of an online dating
site to get their confidence up.
Being aware is often all it takes to get the ball rolling in your love life again.
BB People Meet allows you to ease into the dating scene unnoticed and flirt from behind closed doors until you feel confident enough to move to the next step.
BBPeopleMeet have done a great job but their have been some bad reviews such as:
Where a user was annoyed that the site did not delete a profile after leaving the site. Bbpeolemeet should really clean this up for privacy

BB People Meet Features:

You can do almost everything on the site as a free member apart from contacting members which is what you are there for. So this makes a lot of sense in a way.
They allow you to do everything on the site such as audio and video uploading but you cannot chat with users to get to know them.
This requires a small charge of 10 dollars per month for as long as you use the service (6 month plan).
Otherwise the per month plan is around 15 dollars.
You are also allowed to buy additional features such as highlighted search results etc.
This big beautiful singles site allows you to place your status in pen pal, casual relationship or serious relationship mode.


To cancel your renewed membership, please click “My Account” in the upper right and then on “Account Status” and follow the instructions. You must be logged in.
Remember BBPeopleMeet is not just for straight large singles – you can also sign up if you are gay and lesbian and the site is not strictly limited to size you can register if you are not large but are attracted to large women or men.


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