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Heres a rundown of the signup process for the popular dating site Be Naughty.

Be Naughty Sign Up

When you first come to the site they will ask you for…

  • Your county
  • Screename
  • City
  • Gender
  • Looking for
  • D.O.B
  • Email

That’s pretty standard so far.

Verify Your Email

You will then be taken to a page reminding you to verify that your email is real.
The whole be naughty signup process seemed very easy, self-explanatory and intuitive.
Once you click on the email verification you will be taken to the be naughty home page.
You can search for local naughty singles
Click the ONLINE NOW button to get straight to work
Check your be naughty email inbox
Sadly when I clicked on the CHAT button I was redirected to another page.
But as far as I am concerned it’s fair enough. They have to pay for the site somehow… And by the looks of it, the prices are reasonable. I mean who can’t shell out a ten dollar bill for the chance to meet thousands of Be Naughty members in your area who are ACTIVELY looking for a naughty encounter.

Free Account?

So it looks like you can wink but thats about it: You cant send email or text chat on a free account.
When you review a site like this you discover how EASY it is to find women online – all it takes is 10-20 dollars, and guys this really is cheap, just put it into context with what other things cost.
If you signup and find that there is no one in your area I am afraid that Be Naughty will drop the ball!

Cancel Billing

You can cancel automatic billing at any time before the 3 day period.
Just go to ‘my membership -> my account’ to manage your account.
Once cancelled, you will no longer be qualified for the renewal rate you were given when you first signed up.
We do not offer membership refunds, but we will not cease your service earlier than your renewal date, so you will always get the maximum service from Be Naughty
Ah well – I guess it’s a small risk

Activity Button

Use the Be Naughty ACTIVITY button to view history about past winks profile views, fun rated me and star rated me. Comments received from members can also be viewed here.

Community Links

COMMUNITY links include the be naughty

  • success stories
  • forums
  • blogs and chat rooms

My Account Tab

Your MY ACCOUNT tab can be used to upload be naughty videos and photos of yourself. You can also change all the settings of blogs, forums, tastes, your Be Naughty CV and upgrade your membership.

Need Help?

IF you need any help simply choose the HELP tab at the top of the page
And there are also EXTRAS you can add on.

Naughty Mode

You will notice that at the top of the page there is a NAUGHTY MODE.
It is set to OFF mode as the default but if you want to spice things up within benaughty then you can change to NAUGHTY MODE.
This is the whole concept behind be naughty – you have the choice to stay nice or try the dark side and go NAUGHTY.
To enable Be Naughty NAUGHTY mode you will need to click on the tab at the top.
You will be prompted to upgrade but you don’t have to: You then scroll down accept their terms – enter your password to confirm change from NICE to NAUGHTY.
There were actually quite a lot of prompts and reminders to upgrade.
I found this one quite funny: Obviously, a lot of people don’t use a photo so I got this when I skipped the second section of the profile details.

Layouts and Graphics

I was impressed by the layout and graphics of the site at be naughty or though sadly that’s not what makes a good dating site now, is it.
But even so little things like the submenu bar loading when you hover over the main menu – helps with navigation of this site.


Overall be naughty is worth checking out – Dating sites such as these can be pretty addictive so watch yourself – you have been warned!
My advice when using be naughty would be to make sure that you know what you want before you enter: Girls can date for free on be naughty so their will be a lot of women winking at you and sending you messages.
Set clear guidelines about who you want to meet, where you want to meet and how fast. Or you could just let your manhood decide for you… Has he let you down in his decision making in the past? I thought so.
Watch yourself in their fellas – it can get pretty messy.

Visit Benaughty

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