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The idea that you can be naughty and nice… and that in today’s society it’s accepted is allowing the site to amass a strong following.
This dating agency recently switched up their approach with 100% free dating for women. I am assuming that there have been some allegations about the legitimacy and volume of female users on the site so this is a smart move by cupid plc to increase female user engagement.

Everyone want’s to be a bit naughty under the cover of darkness and in the comfort of their own home… Providing they are with someone they trust they are fine with it. What they don’t want (especially women) is to be perceived to be naughty or slutty by others.

So this dating site benaughty is allowing guys to come in looking for naughty and women looking for nice and making the barrier between the two one click away. The ambiguity of the word naughty means it amasses the randy and the curious in one place rather than scaring singles away by coming out as a harder casual sex site.

Naughty Chat Rooms For Singles And Casual Personals

Not only this but it has an amazing set of features! Obviously email flirting photo polls and forums but also video chat with anyone on the site live!
I think the cupid plc dating sites have the best interface and online dating tools in the industry. So if your a women looking for a casual romance with a guy near you this is really great news. Theres no excuse to be single or lonely now – you will have to separate the wheat from the chaff though!

Or though be-naughty is a paid dating site a large part of the site can be considered free… which part of benaughty is free?

It’s free to join, free to search and free to reply to any member that get’s into contact with you. This means that you can set up a great profile and get women actually emailing you… Did I hear free casual sex? Well it’s possible if you draw enough attention with a great profile. If your not getting any luck then paying for a month to see how it goes is recommended. Like real life online dating sites require the male to initiate contact and move the relationship forward.

Like the title suggests you are able to be naughty while being nice – I think that benaughty should keep that more innocent marketing angle to contrast with the nastier side of the casual dating scene. This should attract more women and thus enable the site to grow and grow.

So unlike the friend finder sites these cupid dating sites are merging together the best of both worlds – you can be-naughty while acting like your being nice.

It allows an easy entry for those that are put off by blatant nudity etc.

Those of you that are more the eHarmony style of dater will still be disinterested by this sort of site but there is a very large proportion of singles out there that are on the fence about casual dating. They would love a warm body in their bed on a Wednesday night but are not interested in doing the work to find that person.

The reason for this is because the dating sites that offer casual sexual dating (to them) are a little tasteless with a bad stigma attached. Be naughty has somewhat re-branded this whole online experience into something a little more approachable. These sort of sites are still going to be looked upon by the majority as a little edgy but at least now they are tasteful.

Here is an example of a silly little video made by benaughty!



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