Be2 International Dating

Be2 truly is an international dating site with active communities in:

•Brazil – CPL
•Brazil – CPS
•Hong Kong
•New Zealand
•South Africa

About Be2

Be2 is free to join , create a profile and perform a personality test. Members without a premium account are also allowed to send one free message to each one of their matches.
Your matches are based on the personality test that you fill out during signup. From the test be2 offers up suggested matches (in an effort to get you to join of course) but you also get the ability to self asses your personality.
Be careful when answering the be2 personality test questions because you cannot go back and change what you did in the past. (or though you should be able to email them to change it if it’s bothering you) Once the personality test is done you will be stuck with that personality.
If you lied in the test and got a weird personality you will be matched with the wrong people.
Other than that you can go back and change your profile settings such as hobbies and personal values.
Be2 offers up reasonable suggests of the kinds of people you will be best matches to.
When you pay for your be2 membership you are then able to contact the members which you were matched to and others in your area of course.
You have freedom from auto billing with be2 – the cancellation is 14 days after your first signup so you have 2 weeks to check out whats on offer. If you don’t set up at least one date in 2 weeks then you should check some of the online dating advice on this site.
During that time you can also choose to stay anonymous if you don’t want to “expose” yourself.
Be2 is defiantly an upfront and honest dating site that has looked to expand into every country possible with the ability to accept singles from Singapore Hong Kong and south Africa not to mention right through Europe.
If you are a longer term member of be2 (+3 months) the success guarantee applies to you: be2 guarantees that you will get into contact with at least 10 of the singles that they suggest for you.
If this does not happen you don’t get money back you get a prolonged membership free of charge until you find someone that matches you.
Your be2 member page contains your personal data and can be changed via the MY SEARCH button from the main page after you login.
Inside your be2 premium account it’s easy to set up dates for the weekend and get to know other local singles looking to hang out.
Just click on their profile and look for the message box that allows you to send them a message. Make sure you get to know them via their profile description before sending off a “hello” introductory message.

Be2 Boasts 57% FEMALE 43% MALE with 22,058,600 Registered Members!

Why Be2?



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  1. Be2 site looks great. I have also recommended it to some of my friends. Thank you so much for sharing.