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Here are some tips (for Girls) but they are from the horses mouth. Take what you will from their experience.
Everyone want’s to know the latest trick or quick change they can make to their dating profile to get noticed online. There usually is no quick fix but you can always make some simple changes that will increase your chances of finding someone.
Key Video Notes:
Don’t lie
Ease up on the sexy pictures
Dont write long paragraphs but rather bullet points
Don’t include your private information
Always be complelty honest with people and include what actually interests you not what you think people want to hear
In the end this will keep all of those singles you dont want coming to your profile AWAY which is a great thing
If you want more singles emailing you then perhaps change up your profile picture – it might be to boring or not sexy enough to attract the kind of demographic your shooting for. It all depends on your personal preference of course.
Your new photo could be a conversation photo that you add (not your main profile pic) This triggers singles to email you about what your up to. The image should provoke – interest, humor, respect, attraction etc
It could be you on travel, you at church, you in a group with your family or friends, playing sport, playing with your pet etc…
Keep the same morals and values that you hold offline when venturing online and you shouldn’t be disappointed!

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