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BeeTalk markets themselves as a super fun social network with interesting activities for its members. Look around, check who’s nearby, and scan the area through the BeeTalk radar to find even more new friends. The brand itself radiates positivity, rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine with their bright yellow brand colors.

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Sign Up

Registration is done via mobile number. Once you provide your phone number, it will take a few seconds for an SMS message to arrive with the confirmation code needed to proceed with the procedure. If after a couple of seconds you still weren’t able to receive the text message, there is a button on the account confirmation page of the app that triggers a voice call to your device. You’ll need to listen to the recording to be able to get the confirmation code needed.

Once done with the routine sign up confirmation, they will ask you to fill out your personal details which you can do manually or via linking your BeeTalk profile to a Facebook account.

Personal information required to create your BeeTalk profile is your name, gender, and a headshot. BeeTalk has photo enhance functions that let you apply flattering filters so you look extra amazing when all the other members see you.

The next step is for you to add friends from your contacts list — their way of growing their member base through member referral — this is optional though.

You’ll then be requested to change your BeeTalk ID, else, you’ll be assigned a random number as your BeeTalk member ID. Take note though that this can only be changed once, so don’t be pressured to conjure up some lousy BeeTalk ID only to regret it later… it’s perfectly fine to do this later and for you to take time figuring it out.


Once done with the sign-up, you’ll find yourself on a screen with five tabs or icons at the bottom. By default, you start at the Chat tab. At the top of the Chat tab, at the main part of the screen is a text saying Public Accounts.

Clicking on Public Accounts, there is another link. A chat coming from the BeeTalk administrators with a note on how to ‘Get Started with BeeTalk’. This provides a primer on how the platform works, things to do, how to get around, and an easy access to user guideline and FAQs. There are detailed overviews on how to use the different features of the app such as Look Around, Clubs, Nearby Buzz, Radar, and Flip.

Navigating through the bottom screen icons, we start from the leftmost tab, Look Around. By default, it is turned off and you must first turn on Look Around before you’ll be able to use it. Once activated, it will display a bunch of profiles based on location. BeeTalk will also provide a list of recommended clubs so the whole socializing thing is made faster instead of going through each profile one by one.

At the top right-hand option of Look Around, you’ll see two icons. The first one lets you narrow down the results of your Look Around list by gender and age. While the second one packs a few more features — Radar and Flip, that augments the whole meeting new people experience even more.

  • Radar scans your location for more potential friends/matches.
  • Flip has that whole Tinder experience where you’ll be provided with profiles one after another and it’s up to you to swipe right for Yes and swipe left for No whether you want to be matched or connected with that profile.

The second tab is for Videos. Here people can post videos sort of like Instagram or Snapchat stories. Under Explore, it’s super interesting to see the lives other people you don’t know are leading. Most of the videos posted on Explore are just selfie videos or a day in the life type of shorts.

The Chat tab is where your conversations reside. You need to add people as a friend first before you can start communicating with them.

The fourth tab is Discover that lets you into the other features of BeeTalk.

  • Buzz lets you see what’s happening with your friends or the public chronologically — you know, the way Facebook was before they decided to manipulate content through algorithms so they can cash in by selling the newsfeed as ad space.
  • Forums is where you can interact with members based on shared interests. From gaming, shopping, current affairs, and so much more.
  • Introduce Yourself is for people to get out there and meet others. You can provide personal information and a short introduction in a continuous chat thread for other potential connections to see.
  • Members share their masterpieces over at Doodlers. Like Introduce Yourself, the interface is one continuous chat thread of nothing but awesome digital doodles.
  • Other threads. There are other threads available based on one’s location that reflect the hobbies and entertainment popular in the area. There are threads for games, selfies, foodies, and photography.

The rightmost tab is for your Profile and Account Settings. You can update your profile and account information here from your display photo, hobbies and interests, display preferences, and notifications.


BeeTalk is a pretty wholesome platform that connects people for a sense of community, close friendships or even hookups and relationships. Once you’ve browsed through all the features and functions of BeeTalk, you’ll get a vibe that they really make sure that their members enjoy their stay — and stay for the long-haul, with all the features that makes the app a little more extra than the rest out there.

New members get a crash course on how things work instead of awkwardly fumbling and stumbling around the app — this is always good. The turn on and off function on Look Around is also very useful so you don’t get bombarded with invitations and messages right after joining. Adding people as friends before you’ll be able to chat gives a layer of safety and security too.

Browsing around, there doesn’t seem to be much scandalous or provocative content from the public videos available on Explore. Based on BeeTalk’s user Guidelines, they review the content being posted carefully, and it seems like they’re pretty thorough about what gets to be shared publicly.

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