Belly Fat Burning: The Dummies Approach To Attracting Women

It’s no secret that a hot slim male body with ripped abs is attractive to women…

Being able to show off such a physique will do wonders to your ability to attract women…

The great thing is that it’s much easier to work on your external appearance than it is to have the courage to accept your internal emotional faults.

Working on your body and getting slim for the summer simply involves sticking to a plan. Choose a simple dummies approach to burning belly fat fast and stick to it. Hopefully this plan will in

Belly fat burning is a big industry and there are many products out there that claim you can lose the pounds fast… the reality is that you need to put in consistent effort to lose weight and make better diet choices.

In fact the foods you personally choose to buy from the supermarket every week DIRECTLY effect your mood…

Are your pushing people away because your always cranky or anxious?

If your downing 6 beers and a packet of chips every day you can be sure that will add up!

If you like your cream donuts or artificially flavoured snacks in the afternoon right after your cigarette and coffee … do you think that will help your mood?

If you really want to attract the right person into your life (and I assume you do because this site is about positive “dating/life” changes) then let’s get you off that couch and out doing the things you love that involve ACTION.

If you cannot give up junk food then just have it on special days like a Saturday night… Every other day is green tea and veges… You CAN start enjoying these foods and they WILL reward you 100X in return if you give them a go…

Healthy food not only transforms your body into a women attracting machine but is also…

  • Gives you more focus and drive
  • Increases your lifespan
  • Gives you more energy
  • Less Bipolar type mood spikes

The list would actually continue on (thousands of specific bullet points)

You really are what you eat and you should know this – I am a big advocate of not drinking alcohol or smoking any sort of drug.

This goes AGAINST almost everybody else’s view and current life choice but that’s not to say it’s wrong. There is nothing wrong with a beer or half a glass of wine ONCE a week but let’s not make it a routine ok?

Burning belly fat for increased attraction should be motivation enough…

But it’s not – otherwise you would be out on that pavement getting slim…

Thankfully there are many more reasons to get slim.

It would be wise to look at almost everything about your body and emotions that you currently would like to change and link the reason why you DON’T have them to food. That donut is causing the fat on your ass to pile up.

That glass of alcohol that you THINK will ease the anxiety is actually DOUBLING it…

It’s really true you know… Replace alcohol with a soothing herbal tea and you will feel and actually BE a whole new person.

You will notice your personality changing right in front of your eyes.

Now this change from instant gratification to long term positive life change is HARD. Of course it is – everybody would be doing it otherwise and everybody is certainly NOT doing it… but you can.

Get a leg up on the competition in almost every area of life by simply deciding to make better food choices. It all starts at the market – It really is just a simple decision, catch yourself walking down the soda isle and TURN AROUND.

Go back to the fruit and vege section… buy loads of great food and then leave. You will miss the confectionary and gluten for a few days and then once you get over the hill give yourself a BIG pat on the back.

In the belly fat burning course Dave Newman challenges the status quo and takes you on a 7 day whirl wind tour of body transformation.

The information you will have in your hands and the new food choices you will make during the course will change your life.

Not only will you eliminate pounds of stubborn belly fat… You will also greatly increase the chances of attracting the