Best Dating Advice: STOP CARING

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This is not relationship advice this is seduction and attraction advice…
When I say stop caring I don’t mean let your hair grow long your pits smelly and your teeth yellow!
But I do mean stop caring about the outcome of your approach or the outcome of your date.
The reality is that you cannot control how a women is going to respond… All you can really do is be yourself and work on your own confidence and self esteem. But once you are in bar it’s to late for all that.

Use the 3 second rule

If you see a girl you would love to talk to and 3 seconds has passed forget about approaching her. If you really want to talk to a women do it WITHIN 3 seconds! After 3 seconds your mind has time to set up elaborate tricks and potential negative outcomes to persuade you to NOT approach her.
Your mind would rather sit in the comfort zone and play it safe… but you don’t grow and learn without putting yourself out on the chopping block.
If you can approach and be humiliated and not care about it then you have won! It’s not about the end result and it’s not about winning or losing her. She will decide if she wants to chat.
By not caring about outcomes you allow yourself to relax and act natural – witty and cocky remarks flow out of you because even if she says fu*ck off!, you’ll laugh at her and say “whatever, your loss love”…
DARE HER to reject you!
Get it into your head that you are so worthy of love and respect that she wouldn’t dare pass up this opportunity to chat with you… If she is lucky you might even take her home. See how I phrased that?
Change your mindset from
She will try to test you with wordplay and little jabs at your ego – forget about her comments and reaffirm your high status and confidence (even if it doesn’t exist)…
I ‘m not a big fan of faking it till you make it as it’s nigh on impossible to trick women about your real personality in the long run plus it’s just immoral. However if your just having fun and into one stands or no strings attached nights out then by all means white lies are just find.
When you stop caring about outcomes there is little reason to fear even the most attractive women… Apart from reducing your anxiety the 2 words STOP CARING are actually dynamite when it comes to attraction…
When you stop caring you transform yourself from the scared nerdy boy to the alpha male bad boy in split seconds…
Women are left thinking – why the hell is he not intimidated by my good looks like everyone else? They are intrigued by you and come to the conclusion that you must get girls all the time if you don’t care about what she thinks of you.
You can take it or leave it right?
your thinking… HELL NO – I’ll take whatever I can get as I haven’t been laid in months!
Well this is the counterintuitive aspect of attraction and dating. The alpha males get the choice – they get all the women – they get all the sex… Everyone else is left to the spoils and the competition is rough (as your know).
At first it’s going to be tough to accept this whole concept and NOT CARING does not mean you don’t approach girls – you do – it’s just that you don’t care about their response.
The trouble is that you clearly DO care about their response otherwise you wouldn’t be human – so you have to play little mind games with yourself. Shoot that monkey on your back in the face and numb any voice that says she thinks your ugly… If your not in the mood or if 3 seconds has passed move on.
Start off slow (REAL SLOW)
Don’t start with the hottest girl in the room! Start off with the fat chick in the corner or even an old women looking for beet juice at the market… Anything to get you started. It’s all about getting used to this concept of talking without any end result and without any PASS FAIL mark…


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