Best Online Dating Personals Sites

So we get asked all the time here what is the best online dating personals sites to sign up for…
Which are the most affordable
Which personals sites have the best user database
Which personal sites have the most users
Which dating sites are the most ethical
Most of these questions can be resolved via the image below which lists the top five online dating personals sites.
NOTE: there is not such thing as the best because your experience and preferences are unique to you. This is just what everybody else thinks…

1. has ALOT of members (more than any other online dating service) They guarantee that you will meet someone in 6 months have been around for some time now so you can rest assured you are getting a quality service, Powerful (robust) site with good search features and one of the fastest growing online dating sites in the world. are hardly unique but thats not why you join. You join because they have been at this game and know how to match single effectively. If you want a sure thing then go with


This site is pretty cool and plays off the whole idea of dating chemistry between two users. If you are interested in investing some time in providing extensive information about yourself so that the matching features of can go to work then this site is for you. Assisted communications to help every member with the site. Personality assessments by leading experts – this site is most likely run by a quality matching system rather than bulk user review and filtering.

3. Perfect Match

Perfect match know their stuff also with cool search and comparison features that allow you to filter through the 4 million personals within the site. One again you have professional matching services due to the fact that these sites are paid memberships – Free Duet Compatibility Profile that is unique to perfect

4. eHarmony

We have all seen these ads. eHarmony is another big player with 20 million members. Patented 20 dimensions of compatibility so  you get matched appropriately depending on your inputs. Ease of contact features (Guided communication) make initiation of contact more user friendly. Secure dating options can be added for extra privacy.

5. Spark

Requires all of its members to upload at least 1 photo. Three different plans to choose from depending on your situation. Easy interface that allows personals to be browsed easily. You can also send profiles to users

Once again the Best Online Dating Personals sites are subject to user attitudes at the time and your experience might be different depending on your dating needs and expectations. Not all people want a paid online dating site so the many free dating sites such as 4ppl or offer great features for no cost at all…
As long as you can put up with all the ads 😉


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