Best Sex Positions For Girls

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Best Sex Positions For Girls

Arm Chair

A really GREAT sex position if the dimensions are right between you… Meaning she can’t be a heavy set girl for obvious reasons. A really fun position if her arms are strong enough. She can use your shoulders as leverage to pull herself up and down… Athleticism required!

Asian Cowgirl

A standard girl on top position however she stands/crouches over you. Why did this make the list? any girl on top position allows you to manipulate the depth and angle on the fly rather than wishing that your partner could read your mind. There are many variations of the girl on top, feel confident enough to experiment and take charge a bit in the bedroom.

Deck Chair

Get her legs in the air like she just don’t care!
The deck chair or some variation of it is a widely used position… Great view and great deep penetration. Your man will love this position because he gets to pin you down while exposing your vagina for deep penetration.

Deep Impact

Get your legs up girl!
Get your bed height perfect and you can go balls deep with this one. Slow and steady strokes wins the race…

Doggy Style

DOGGY STYLE!!! Is this not THE most popular sex position of all time? Women seem to adore being screwed from behind despite the lack of intimacy. It might just be our animal past shining through here.


MISSIONARY… Everyones stock, go to sex position. Deep thrusting and clitoral stimulation. Can’t go wrong with the missionary for great orgasms.

Rear Entry

Called rear entry but doesn’t have to be all about your butt – it feel good for him feeling your ass up against his stomach and having him lay on you fully while hitting your g-spot will surely bring you to orgasm.

Sexal SeeSaw

Another must try for experimental couple. This will require flexibility on her part, and be caution not to crush her. This position is great because it gives him a unique angle for deep penetration. Plus the position will naturally squeeze your vaginal canal. He will surely love a narrow hole.

Viennese Oyster

Does your girl have the flexibility to push her legs back behind her head? Your body weight and arms are forcing her back on herself while you enter an exposed upright pu$$y. How about the LEG POSITION! Having your legs propped right up by his shoulders is very sub/dom and allows him to enter you at a different angle.

Another great alternative to this position is when you enter her from the side just like this position but she only lays one leg over you. Both of you are laying sidebyside.

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