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Newton’s law of universal gravitational attraction is a basic principle in physics. It states that every mass in the universe attracts each other. The force of attraction between these bodies is directly proportional to the product of its masses and inversely proportional to the distance between them. In other words the force of attraction between heavenly bodies is stronger when they are nearest to each other and it weakens as the distance between them increases.

Don’t be confused this is not a physics dissertation paper. The above illustration is presented to give an idea on how bodies or people per say attract each other. As we move along with ideas on best way to find girls we will be using this law of attraction as fundamental law of dating and attracting girls.

Focus on Social Circles

The best way to find girls is to expose yourself in places and events where there are a lot of women. You can choose to stay at bars, clubs, pubs and other night out places to pick up girls but the competition here is too strong.  If you don’t like the competition then you might as well avoid these places. Your chance of attracting a girl weakens when there are a lot of guys present at the same place.

Build your social circles, attend social gathering and be present at places where women are present. You can attend public demonstrations, fun fairs, marathons, and activities like fun runs, etc. These civic gatherings will help you find girls with strong conviction on what they believe and are living their own lives. They like people who are into the same interests that they have. Just show that you have a genuine interest on whatever she’s doing and you can take it from there. I like the bar scene as much as the next guy but it’s not it’s cracked up to be. If your looking for a shallow drunk fool for a girlfriend then of course choose your one night stand wisely. But be warned: these girls have their guards up and every other horny dude in the club is your competition. It’s SO much easier when you choose your location where you have an advantage. Day game is great, house parties are better.

We have created a post emphasizing that the best way to find girls is by using the biggest online social network, Facebook. Increase your circle of friends online and then meet them offline at closed parties with less competition. There are of girls out there that you can met, just try to get connected with them.

Did you know that 1 out of 5 couples in America admit that they first meet their partner at work? So your work place is where you spend most of your time, it’s also a great place to meet like minded people. It’s time that you used that organizational vine, look beyond your cubicle. You have a lot of women in your company that might need a man to comfort them after a tiring day at work.

Appear at your sister’s parties or events. Volunteer as her chaperon, drive for her or pick her up from school or from a friends place. Your aim is to get to know most of her girl friends. Again Newton’s law tells us to get near someone to increase our attraction force. Who knows you may find one of her friends to be interesting. And your sister is the perfect bridge that will connect you with her.

Look Around You

You will never find a girl while sitting at home and doing nothing. You need to be out and about. The best way to find girls is to look around you. Never hesitate to approach a girl who might interest you. Move closer and initiate contact. Our law of gravitational attraction says that you need to be near with each other to increase the force of attraction between two bodies. Don’t talk to her from a distance. Be as near as possible but don’t appear too aggressive (it will freak her out)

One thing why long distance relationship never works is its because they fail to recognize this law. Lovers who are far from each other will lose the force binding them, and they will be attracted to people around them. Don’t aim to hook up with girls living several miles away from you. The best way to find girls is to look at places near you and where you spend most of your time.

Seize the Day Strategy

Seize the day strategy is simply moving fast. Make your move when you see the opportunity (within 3 seconds of recognising it). You have to act quickly and not waste your time or girls whom you think you don’t have the chance with will recognise and sense your indecision. The idea is to get girls into bed and own her, you will need to learn how to adopt and improvise as the need arises.

The first thing that you can do is to keep in mind that you only have to focus on girls who has a degree of interest in you. Make your first approach and see if she responds. If you can maintain a friendly conversation with her and gain her interest, that is a great start. Depending on how your conversation is going you can ask her to your place or somewhere private if she’s up for it. If you feel that she’s not ready yet ask for her contact information so you know where to reach her. If she ignores you on your first approach, leave, chances are you will never get to into bed with her anyway… it’s just not worth it when the time is ticking and their many more women out their.

Don’t disregard your manner when picking up girls, it adds to your manliness but don’t overdo it. After you have some fun in bed it’s time that you assess her, if she’s the right one to be with for the rest of your life. If you think she qualifies, this is the time that you can start treating her as someone special so she knows that you got special feelings for her. So never step into the boyfriend persona before getting a girl into bed! It’s only in intimacy that you can tell if your personalities will click.

If you happen to be in a dating rut… you have read this article and are feeling that perhaps even if you did put all of this into action and it still wouldn’t help you need to look inwards rather than outwards for help. It could be that you are a little depressed. Don’t seek women for condolence, the pleasure will be fleeting. In order for all of this to work you need to be a man with PURPOSE… ask yourself, do you really have a purpose? A good indication is if you hate your job.

Low on energy? , Lacking the will to give it 100%? It may be something more basic to do with with your routine and life situation. You can show up at the best places to find girls but if you dont have that SPARK in your eye it just aint going to happen mate. My suggestion for a guy who is struggling to really make it work for women is this simple 2 step plan.


STOP MASTURBATING – cease all self stimulation – you will notice a huge increase in motivation, testosterone, energy, vitality and masculinity. In a week to two weeks time you may have blue balls – but I can almost guarantee that you will have found a way to use the vagina for what it’s their for. Women will love your new found energy and assertiveness. It’s going to be  tough but your sacrifice will pay off. If fapping is a past time you dont want to give up – consider what that means about your life situation.  There are better things in life – giving up masturbation until you can get the real thing and REAL HUMAN CONNECTION is worth it. Test your self control this month and notice the changes in every aspect of your life.


Find your purpose in life – a man without a purpose is a lost man for sure.



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