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One of the masters of non verbal communication (Cajun) claims to have “cracked the code”
And this bonus DVD shows you how to go about dating online with ruthless efficiency.
The DVD comes in seminar style with Cajun taking to guys about how they can replicate his success. Basically he is able to have women lined up in advance for the weekend so he cuts straight to the chase and forget about cold approaching women in bars and clubs. Unfortunately you can’t just order this one DVD as it comes in a massive package of DVDs.
But if you’re having real trouble with the social scene and haven’t quite got your communication skills to a point where you can chat up women and get numbers in bars then online dating sites will be your thing.
Clearly you will still have to be able to trigger chemistry within the first few dates but online dating game makes the introduction part much easier.
You get an insiders look into Cajuns online game with live previews of his private profile page. The same page that hooks him up with girls week in week out. Remember he doesn’t look all that great and can’t communicate with the women online apart from messaging them which means YOU should be able to replicate his results if you don’t screw too much up.
This is the real “no effort”, fast track method of meeting women. Slightly impersonal… yes, but deadly and ruthlessly efficient at getting numbers and setting up dates. Which is what it’s all about in the end right?
Because the more dates you get the better chance you have of find your “true love” or in your case it could be to “bust a nut”.
So what will you learn from Cajun and what can you expect once you sharpen your online game?
Well for a guy like Cajun, who gets around and knows women in his area simply having an online profile picture got him immediate success.
You won’t be this guy yet but simply having an image and profile description is better than nothing and you WILL see some action over time like winks and messages. So the first thing is just do it…
Get a profile and set yourself up with a punters chance.
Cajuns approach to online dating snags him 2 women a week. It may not sound like much but how many women are you meeting at the moment? The women will soon add up and you will have to pull down the profile.
Cajun explains in the bonus dvd of more than words (a love systems product) that his success came from being able to answer one specific question really well. Apparently there is ONE thing women are looking for and if you can answer this within your profile it doesn’t matter if the rest is subpar.
A ton of guys online get 0’s in their email inbox because they don’t answer a women’s one burning question. You don’t wanna be the dude with no online game… you will end up hating on online dating sites when you should really be questioning your own ability to attract women.
Another interesting angle Cajun takes in more than words is he mentions which religion you choose can have a huge impact on the types of responses you get.
The only reason you are on an online dating site is to set up dates offline. Getting these first dates set up from first contact involves online escalation which can be tough when you don’t have your physical presence to work for you. This means the words you use are VERY important.
Give the wrong impression and they won’t return your messages. So make sure your online game involves the most important skill of all which is actually setting up offline dates.
All of this practical online dating advice is within the *free* bonus DVD from Beyond Words.

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