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Did you know that if you divert your gaze before she does it’s a sign of weakness that she interprets as being unattractive?

The beyond words DVD details everything you need to know about picking up women with body language.
Becoming aware of how you present yourself
Refining those small body language ques that women pick up on like the angle of your head and the direction of your gaze.
Vercetti Cajun 5.0 and Keychain are the dating experts behind Beyond words.
Do you have any idea about physical touch progression? , having a good thin slice? or understand subtext?
Beyond Words: The Art Of Body Language And Physical Escalation is a set of DVDs (over 5 hours playing time) that includes 4 dating experts who go into detail about how you can use body language to attract women.
Live demonstrations from a guy who is apparently rated as one of the TOP 10 pickup artists in the world!
So basically this body language DVD course is some serious shit!
It’s insider information that 99.9% of Men or Women have absolutely no idea about. Some men stumble on some tricks and body language movements that seem to work well but until you get taught from the masters you will only be guessing.
We are talking about the TOP pick up artists in the world talking about attracting women using body language alone.
You get to see body language in action in front of your own eyes rather than just read about it. This will enable to you to get a real “feel” for what good pickup is supposed to look like.
These DVD’s are practical in that they actually have live demonstrations with women in the room.
By learning body language from the pro’s you are able to eliminate awkwardness and weird body posture in social situations that is killing your current chances with women. You will not only eliminate self defeating posture but you will replace old habits with techniques that work.
You will immediately notice and increase in confidence as a result of a few small body language shifts.
Relaxed conversation with that “at ease” style that you know works so well is just around the corner. But it’s so much more than body posture and body language.
It’s also voice tone, escalation, slower movement and gesture speed, eye movement and many more things even I didn’t think existed.
These guys are pretty much on another level when it comes to using subconscious ques and gestures. There like mind control magicians.
The guys… Vercetti Cajun 5.0 and Keychain understand that attracting a women is not logical. You cannot use your head to “out think” the game. You have to use another part of your intelligence that might not be that well tuned yet.
This is what makes it so exiting.
It’s are real challenge.
This body language stuff cant be used at online dating sites such as date the uk or anything so  it’s not much good for online dating but when you do finally go on that first date the advice these guys have is truly valuable.
The reason why learning the art of seduction through body language is so important is that you could be the BEST communicator out their but if you are not communicating your desire through ACTIONS it’s all TALK in her eyes.
Meaning women want to see you act out what you are saying otherwise it’s just words.
That’s not to say words are not extremely powerful as I mention in this post
but your body language needs to be at least up to par for any sort of chemistry to happen. The great thing about body language which you will soon learn is that you can take it a LOT further than you think.
Women communicate on a much deeper more primal level than you do meaning you miss a ton of the subtle advances she makes.
99% of men simply do not get the power of subconscious body language. As a result the dating game is left WIDE open for those select few men who can not only read complex female body language clues but also MATCH them with their own!
Unfortunately you can only learn this stuff from the best as it’s pretty high level stuff and requires a sort of tutorial style approach.
You need to get it more than just intellectually but actually practice it in the field with the trial and error model.

Do you want to be the honey for the bees?

All of those beautiful female honey bees will come to you once you know how to emit the right subconscious body language:
Just think about your
Charm, Style, Manner, Mood, Feeling, Personality, Approach, Appeal, Magnetism, Pull, Charisma and Appeal…
I know a lot of these words kind of mean the same thing and they should. They are all abstract terms to describe something…
What is it?
Can you put your finger on what exactly a mans Charisma really is?
Check out this guy called Vercetti – he is an example of a guy with boat loads of all those terms we just covered that we don’t quite understand yet.
What did you think?
Personality is somewhat to do with the words you say but MOST of it is down to how you say them, how you hold yourself, when you pause, your voice tone and inflection, how you look at someone, how you hold your head or use your eyes. How you smile with that knowing grin at the girl across the room – you know that she knows you know.
Nothing more needs to be said when you can use body language and sub communication as powerfully as these guys.
Forget the approach she is already weak at the knees before you arrive! She’s all buttered up with simply eye contact; she’s wondering what the hell’s coming next.
Once you are trained in sub communication and body language the same women that rejected you a week earlier will be unable to say know. Attraction is not a choice! So as weird as it sounds she has no choice in the matter once you have sharpened your “Beyond Words” skills.

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