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It seems that bb people meet (big beautiful people meet) have created a dating site where larger men and women can date comfortably. “plus sized singles” is what they are also affectionately called.
No longer do you need to worry about what other singles will think of your weight. By meeting singles of similar weight you can forget about any insecurities and focus on what’s important.
The site is owned by the People Media network who not only know their stuff but ensure that the site is always online the dating tools are great and there are plenty of singles online for a niche site.
Bb people meet have over 1,000 new members joining daily!
I found my true love on this site seven months ago and plan to marry him. I no longer need this site because I found what
I was looking for.

Help With BB People Meet

Before you being with bb people meet decide how you want people to view you. Do you understand yourself, your personality and your strong points? The better you know yourself the better your profile with reflect who you are in real life, not just an online persona. This all depends on how you want to come across online.
Are you happy with your current weight?
Are you currently working out?
Will you alter your true weight online?
If you cut inches of your waste and pounds from your true weight, say you don’t smoke or drink and are actually 5’0 not 5’5 you will only be hurting yourself. Sure you might get more online attention (if that’s what your after) but in the end if you are looking for a partner offline (in the real world) users value honesty.
Honesty is what successful dating is all about…

Your BB People Meet Photo

Pick a recent photo and while your at it show off your good side. Your photo needs to include your face but what it looks like is really up to you. You can include an image of you overseas or doing something you love.

BBW Photo Tips

Take Some Solo Shots
Take Some Face Shots: If you are feeling a bit cautious about how your bum looks when photographed keep images above the waste.
Use Quality Images: Cheap shots from your camera leave bad impressions.

Update your Photos Regularly

Dress Appropriately: Dress in clothes that highlight your most attractive features. No crop tops or boob tubes if you have “stuff” falling out all over the place.
How to act on bb people meet – it really is as easy as being yourself. It’s not a formal event. Treat it like the fun new experience that it is. Just don’t swear or use text language!

BBW Greeting Tips

Update: Dating users love to see that you have been online regularly. This gives them hope that you will return any emails they send to you.
Spelling And Grammar – It’s pretty easy to do a quick double check of the text you are about to send out to the world.
Web cams and microphones sometimes come installed in new computers so use the video chat features to really get to know other big beautiful men and women. If not they are really easy to install – most of the time you just plug the usb webcam into your computer and you are good to go. Using new technology will defiantly increase your chances of find someone online.
Most people within bb people meet either don’t have the ability to create a short video introduction or don’t have the confidence to do so. This means if you create a voice or video greeting you can sit back and watch the emails come in.
If you feel that you don’t know much about yourself thats ok. BB People Meet have created a quick personality test to help you through the process. This fills out your profile a bit more and help you learn more about yourself. This personality test from bb people meet can be the difference between finding a match and feeling disappointed with the whole process.

BB People Meet Message Ideas

A message idea is a way of letting people know how you can be contacted. Also the types of people that should contact you. If you are specifically looking for someone you can add it here. This is also a great way to further filter down your responses.

BB People Meet Customisation

Dear I say a little like myspace, bbpeoplemeet have allowed users to easily customize their profile. Fresh graphics that really say a lot about you.
Add a hobby based them, spice it up or keep it clean it all up to you.

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