Big Hat No Cattle – Why Modesty Is Key

Have you ever heard of the saying big hat no cattle?
You don’t want to be referred to like this. This means you are a bit like the jersey shore guys – talk a big game but don’t have the sinker to back it up.
Perhaps you have the flash car but in reality you have a big mortgage on the house and don’t even own the car itself.
You are far from financially secure but what is important to you is ensuring that everyone who sees you thinks that your doing just fine.
What you really want is a lot of cattle and no hat at all. You want to get to a place in your life where you don’t need the external validation from others to feel good about yourself.
You don’t need that new suit, watch or car…
Instead you would rather invest the money you have worked so hard to acquire so that your personal asset list grows rathe than dwindles.
You may think that women are not attracted to the guy with no flashy things to show off.
You may think that without the car clothes and eternal portrayal of success that women will not be attracted to you… Not so.
It is true that there are women very much like (potentially) you right now.
They have bought into consumerism and value a guy that can get that credit card for her so that she can load it up with more debt…
I am telling you that you need to change the demographic and personality of the types of women you are going after. There are many financially wise and frugal business women out there that would be very attracted to a guy who is truly financially secure…
Because what does this mean for her? It means that she is able to live at home and pursue her hobbies, it means she now has time to spend with you and the future *kids*.
Being financially secure and not a fake with glasses to big for his head means that you can choose to travel around the world and truly experience life.
Having “cattle” rather than a big hat means you have freedom. They say that America is the land of opportunity and it is to some extent. The reality is that many people have very little freedom at all. They are forced to work to fee their family and couldn’t go two weeks without ending up flat broke…
Does that sound like an attractive life to you?
If you are willing to sacrifice the big hat in the short term for a life full of experiences and freedom in the future then you have reached a higher level of “being”. Few men have the ability to control themselves enough to become financially secure and therefore always a slave to the work week.
Women ARE attracted to men that are financially secure… you know this as well as anyone. But can you put of short term sexual gratification for a future of being able to choose from any women in the world? How do you think a ugly mug like Donald trump can pull attractive Russian beauties?
Not by signing up to dream marriage that’s for sure.
The good thing is you don’t have to be filthy rich to have very attractive women wanting to date you.
You don’t have to look, smell or breath amazingness either.
All you really need to be is secure enough financially to be able to give a women choices. She doesn’t want the fear of loans and mortgages looming over her. She doesn’t want to see credit card debt being loaded up month after month… It’s amazing the amount of stress that can be relieved by sorting out your issues with money.
Even if you don’t earn a lot of money now you can still be saving and investing.
Do you have the will power to throw away the big hat and start buying cattle for the future? I know it’s a weird analogy but it makes it very clear what you should be thinking about.
Perhaps if you will forget about this advice and get a bigger hat tomorrow. The beauty is that it’s your decision and you have the freedom to make that choice. But maybe….
Just maybe you will realise the benefit of living a stress free, debt free life without the constant obsession with consumerism.
Don’t you think it sucks to have no cattle (nuts) ?
With no cattle you have no power… you understand that power is attraction right?
So the link between increasing your asset column and decreasing your liabilities (cars, debt, payments, mortgages) becomes very clear. Thinking about how your decisions today are shaping your future ability to attract the right people into your life in the future is critical.
Hopefully now you have a slightly better understanding of what direction to head in for the future.
Some people are all about instant gratification (spending, drugs) – others are all about long term goal orientated satisfaction and others just like to strike that balance.
Where do you fit in?


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  1. love this quote “big hat no cattle” soo true for plenty of dudes out their – they are lost. weird upbringing or something (JERSEY SHORE)

  2. love this quote “big hat no cattle” soo true for plenty of dudes out their – they are lost. weird upbringing or something (JERSEY SHORE)